Monday Escape: A Packard ambulance is definitely one way to go


Believe it or not, this is from the front end of a ’54 Packard ambulanceGrandpa used to drive one for his job, and said she handled well and had real get-up-and-go to boot. “The most fun I ever had driving an ambulance,” he told me.

1954 Packard Ambulance

The owner of this ’54 ambulance has done a wonderful job maintaining this unusual Packard. I’ve seen Cadillac ambulances before, but never a Packard, and certainly not one in such gorgeous nose-to-tail condition: 

1954 Packard Ambulance

1954 Packard Ambulance

The Packard may not have the bells and whistles of its modern-day descendants, but as someone noted after seeing these photos, it is much higher on creature comfort and even homey-ness—it’s not icebox-cold inside as today’s ambulances are.

1954 Packard Ambulance

Hey: If you have to go to the hospital, it might as well be in this handsome car!


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