Two Lost

What a difficult week for classic movie fans: Not only did Eleanor Parker die earlier this week, but today the news broke that Peter O’Toole passed away yesterday and Joan Fontaine today.

Rest In Peace

Both were superbly talented actors—that Fontaine was such is no surprise, considering the measure of her sister’s gift. Skill and beauty ran in that family. O’Toole, too, was a marvellously gifted actor—though I must confess that his performances in My Favorite Year and Lion In Winter surpass that of his more famous Lawrence of Arabia (sacrilege, I know).

Joan Fontaine was 96. Peter O’Toole was 81. May they both rest in peace—and how blessed we are to have their work to enjoy.


2 thoughts on “Two Lost

  1. I remember seeing Lawrence of Arabia at the cinema as a kid. The music and the vista’s were like something I’d never seen before. Epic doesn’t do it justice. Later in life, I saw it again and I remember thinking then, what a handsome guy he was. I’m sure his life was one long adventure.

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