Tile-Roofed Filling Station

While these are a fairly common sight in some parts of the nation, in Ohio they’re quite unusual. To make matters more intriguing, this one is the northern part of the state on US30, also known as the Lincoln Highway.

Last Look at the Tile-Roofed Station Towers

Obviously the old station has’t been in any sort of real service for some time. I’m also not sure what oil they sold to the locals—it doesn’t look like most Midwestern filling stations, and may have been an independent place (a successful one, at that).

Tile-Roof Filling Station

I actually stood on US30 to get this shot (hurrah for lenses with oomph and the occasional steady hand). Oh, the dangers in which I put myself!

Tile Roof, Rusty (looking)

As usual, I see a place like this and dream of small business possibilities—a coffee or tea shop, a small used bookstore, a bakery, a florist, a tailor’s or electrician’s headquarters. This one might make a good little cafe or burger spot, too—folks could sit beneath the canopy where cars once avoided the rain while topping off the tank.

Tile Roof, Rusty (looking)

Look at that—a bonus Fiero! One is almost disappointed it didn’t burst into flames at the moment the shutter snapped. (That’s an old Fiero joke sure to elicit a wry smile from car folks.)


Just more classic cars…

Take your "Blue Monday"...

I’m still around, just busy with various things, mostly my car photography work. Due to their reflective nature, classic cars take a lot longer to work on than photos of other things; even if I’m able to position myself to get the shot without my own reflection, distracting (and sometimes distressing…) reflections of other people and things are often absolutely unavoidable.

Gold In The Shadow

Also often necessary is the removal of specks and splotches of dirt, random smudges, and dead bugs from what should be a smooth surface. The Surface Blur feature can sometimes help here, but usually only the smallest specks are whisked away; manual correction of larger blemishes is, though time-consuming and a little tedious, the best way to rid a car of it. Spending an hour or more simply removing such things from the side or back end of a classic car is not at all uncommon!

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Monday Escape

Field TreeHappy 2015! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year’s. It must be admitted that ours were, from beginning to end, rather more exciting than we’d bargained for, but all’s well that ends well, yes? (Though a devoted creature of habit, even I know the occasional shake-up is probably good for me.)

This photograph of one of Ohio’s countless cornfields is obviously several months old now, but to share a glimpse of the glory of creation seemed to be a fine way to kick off the new year. Besides, as everyone around me seems to be panicking over the forecast Snowmageddon—expected total by tomorrow morning, four inches—I just can’t help poking a little fun at them by reminding them of their earlier longing for winter’s cold and snow.

Have a beautiful remainder of your Monday!


Monday Escape: How about some snow?

First Snow

As mentioned recently, the weather here in Ohio has been quite grim despite the rapid approach of Christmas. Until yesterday, when the sunlight burst through in all of its long-desired glory, we’d had only two really sunny days since a couple of days after Thanksgiving! If you don’t believe me, here’s a satellite look from the NWS:

You remember the warm, colourful cheer of my summer garden?

Pollinator Garden

Ahhh. Well, here it is late Friday morning, being inspected by Ben.

Sunless Days

(Yes, yes, the trellis needs to be placed inside the shed, I know…)


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Oh, to stumble over (or better yet, be invited to) a stable of old cars in this state!

The video is a glimpse at sixty untouched old cars, having long been stored away in the West of France. Come February 6, they’ll be auctioned off at the Retromobile Salon in Paris. I love photographing classic cars, period, but cars such as these in an environment such as this…oh, what a dream! Yours truly could probably spend two full days shooting these cars (who couldn’t?), lovingly capturing every detail.

Wink and a smile to the wonderful fellows at The Old Motor—who also have some knockout stills of these old beauties (from Remi Dargegen) for you to ogle.

Monday Escape: Reflection

Pond Tree: West

Last week, I told a lie. More autumn.

Pond Tree: East

Besides, contrary to popular belief and media propaganda, winter does not look like a snow-covered fairytale in the Midwest. Many of my Southern and Western friends seem to think winter looks like this, 24-7:

A truly charming, enchanted winter wonderland!


Really, despite the discomfort and danger snow involves…if only (because snow, truly, is pretty, at least away from the roads)! The truth must be explained. Turn away if you prefer to cling to your illusions about winter, my dear.

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