The Old Barn in the Rain

Somewhere between here and North Carolina…
Big Barn At The End of the Road

Actually, the barn is in or just outside of Simmonsville, Virginia. Dark, yes, but rain seems to dog us whenever we visit the Carolinas, from the moment we leave home ’til not long after we return. Still, the region is so beautiful, even bucketfuls cannot truly dampen the spirits of visitors.

Virginia, it must be noted (again), is one of my favourite states in the Union—brimming over with history and beauty, both natural and of the manmade sort. Other than the frustrating dullness of big-box insults blooming there, it’s difficult to find a place in the state I can’t find something to rapture over.

Indecision Time, B&W

As so often happens, this photo of the barn’s corner was finished in both black & white and colour; it took me a while to decide which I liked better, but methinks black & white is my favourite—though adding just a touch of gold to warm it up may help me like it better and find it more complete.

Indecision Time, Colour

Moss gets me every time, you know—especially when it hugs old foundation stones so closely and so prettily!

Finally, a shot of, yes, the broad side of a barn. Not many images, but your humble traipsing photographer isn’t keen on trespassing!

The Texture Farm


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