Some of my favourite blogs to read and enjoy—just the fun stuff (you probably don’t want to read the economics blogs, do you?). It’s a wide-ranging set of interests! Setting this page up is going to be, well, interesting at first—till I get the hang of it—so please bear with me! Also, they’re in no particular order (at the moment). Eventually, I’m sure I’ll have a REAL blogroll, but for now, this’ll do ’till I get everyone added to the list. That could take a while.

Fair warning: Just because a blogger’s page is here doesn’t mean I do (or don’t!) endorse every single thing they write, do, or support.

 Route 66 News

Ranch Dressing with Eartha Kitsch (I recommend putting ALL ingestibles down before reading, lest you choke to death laughing.)

Retro Roadmap

Growing Patriots books for children—”Every patriot needs a place to start”

Bruce Gamble’s My Sweet Chariot


Retro Renovation

The definitive resource for drive-in information.

Historic Virginia Plantation: Belle Grove in Virginia (of course!)

Lincoln Highway News

No Pattern Required

Roadside America

Chronically Vintage

Dottie Draco

Jan’s Sushi Bar

Blog of the Courtier

    Casey's Elegant Musings

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