The First McDonald’s–and a question!

The First McDonald's, all decked out in neon—Right on Route 66

The First McDonald’s, all decked out in neon—Right on Route 66

First of all, I came across this fun post about the very first McDonald’s, which opened in 1948 (though it was built as a barbeque and burger stand in 1940), on the always-interesting Retronaut blog. What he doesn’t tell you is that this very first McD’s, in San Bernardino, sits right on the Mother Road! Of course, the original building is long gone now, and the site has become a museum dedicated to McDonald’s (apparently you can see every Happy Meal toy you’d ever want to see here) with a smaller Route 66 museum in the back.

Do pop over to Retronaut and take a look at the photos from the glory days of classic cars and fifteen-cent burgers.

Also, a question. I’d like (of course) to offer gift certificates in the shop, particularly with Christmas approaching; photography art is such a personal item, I know some would rather give someone a GC than run the risk of buying a die-hard GTO fan a photo print of, say, a Thunderbird, and creating a rift in the family even time and tiki cocktails cannot heal (or is it only in the Motor City that things like that are possible?).

Before working on designing gift certificates for the shop, I thought I’d ask what you prefer to see on your gift cards and gift certificates. Clean and simple or with art on it? Would you want a “hard” copy of the certificate or is a pretty one emailed to you just as acceptable or even better? Would you like a space for the name of the recipient or is that unnecessary anymore? Do you prefer a mid-size (say 5×7) gift certificate or one that is more business-card sized?

I appreciate your input! And yes, this is a great time to share another of my classic car photos. You can see this beauty pulling up to that old McDonald’s, can’t you?

The teal-green body and gleaming chrome grille of this handsome 50's Studebaker Champion are a glamourous reminder of car design gone by.

“Doctor Teeth”
1950s Studebaker Champion


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