Weekend Roundup

The best business card holder ever

Lassie rescued Timmy from cougars; Ben passes out my business card and rescues people from…non-limited edition art?

Well, I certainly hope this finds you well! The summer flu knocked me flat out Monday night and I’m just now getting my legs back under me. Consider yourselves warned (unless you like accomplishing nothing, something I’m not at all fond of)!

Unfortunately, I shook off the NyQuil daze only to hear about what happened in Colorado last night. My prayers are with the families of the murdered and wounded, and also with the parents of the man who put this horrible plan into action, because surely they feel beyond awful. I cannot imagine.*

It’s good to be upright again—though I’m thankful for smartphones. Mine enabled me to keep tabs on my shop and email from the comfort of my cozy bed…a good thing since walking and I were not getting on well at all. 😉 Rest assured, even if I can barely move, I can still run the business! Though I do think I’ll have to start teaching Ben to pack up orders. If he can pass out my old business cards…why not?

At any rate, be careful out there!

Since I’ve been rather ill, I thought I would just share a few of the blog posts I’ve managed to glimpse over in the past few hours (after disinfecting every doorknob, handle, light switch, radio knob, my phone, and everything else ) during the time I am able to sit up. This is probably something I ought to do frequently, being a voracious reader of many things, including blogs. Really, this gives us an opportunity to get to know one another better—though a photographer by trade, I’ve a disturbingly wide range of interests; it’ll be fun to see what you like to check out, too!

Cathe at Just Something I Made created some very lovely bird’s nest featuring vintage spools of thread. I’ve several such spools that belonged to my great-grandmother, and as the thread is hardly useful for sewing, this might be a way to use them. She, a lover of birds, would probably appreciate it, too!

I really cannot wait to whip up these chocolate-covered frozen banana and peanut butter bites! They’re gluten-free and…well, sorta primal. Okay, not at all. But they look delicious!

Retronaut found a photo of the models for Grant Wood’s iconic painting American GothicI was just reading about this particular painting recently; apparently Wood’s dentist, the model for the pitchfork-wielding farmer, was a very jocular and good-humoured man. We’d never know it to look at him, I daresay…

Pam at Retro Renovation always has some fabulousness and swank going on, and I definitely missed reading her blog when I was ill. RR is one of my favourite blogs and has been for a loooong time (though I had to stop reading during the deepest throes of Mourning Having To Leave Our WV Home Period). During my catching up today I managed to get to this fantabulous post about vintage paint-by-numbers!  I encourage you, of course, to have a piece or three of my own photography on the walls of your home or office, but paint-by-numbers are a great way to go, too—I’ve a wall of horse PBNs on my studio wall, right across from my desk!

Now, as Pam, a big fan of feng shui, can probably tell us, having a blank wall without a window to look at right across from you is a bad thing (okay, that’s what I read). It’s better to have a vista of some sort to gaze upon…and as having my own work in that spot would be a distraction (hi, my name is Jen, and I’m a perfectionist, and would therefore sit and pick my own stuff apart all day, getting nothing new done—or I’d simply sit there longing to be back shooting on Route 66 again!), equine paint-by-numbers seemed perfect. I’ve been collecting vintage PBNs for a few years now, and my little collection really is a lovely and restful thing to glance up at as I work.

Anyhow, has Pam notes in her post, vintage paint-by-numbers are still quite affordable (really), and often come framed to boot. They’re a fun way to spiff up the walls in your house, and the subjects the old paint-by-numbers cover is varied enough to suit almost anybody’s desires! Now, Pam has some REALLY fun links in that post, but I don’t want to spoil all of the hard work she put into writing it, so pop on over and get lost in the wonderful world of vintage paint by numbers.

Speaking of my love for MCM, there’s a gorgeous 1955 MCM home in Spokane you can tour via the wonder of the internet.

I love Jan of Jan’s Sushi Bar, and I’ve never met her. My suspicion is after making and tasting these gluten-free chocolate cupcakes…with buttercream frosting…that won’t change. 😉 For a starter, there’s pork tenderloin with peaches. Now that’s a great dinner for the patio, don’t you think?

At Mount Vernon, home of my crush and hero, George Washington, they’ve made quite a marvellous discovery in the Midden (trash deposit): a brass trunk plate inscribed with the General’s name! Indeed, it may have been on one of the trunks he used during the Revolutionary War.

Hollywood 1908, Olivia De Havilland

One of my prize vintage patterns. Nope, still haven’t made the dress yet. I do have the fabric, though!

Lauren shares a really good post about storing—and protecting—vintage sewing patterns at her blog Wearing History. To a gal with a whole bunch of vintage patterns, this was a good read, though Lauren and I have similar methods. Those comic book bags (mine are from Amazon, though I really should check ULine to see if they have a better price) are the best thing anyone has ever recommended to me—I wish I could remember the seamstress who mentioned them in her blog, but they’re great for preserving patterns older than my previous home (and my parents, come to think of it).

More and more seamstresses and sewers are realizing that our vintage pattern collections are little pieces of history that deserve preserving. Frankly, I am surprised that museums have not started snapping a few up themselves (are any doing so, does anyone know?) or asking for sewers to donate vintage sewing patterns to them in their wills.

Lauren’s commenters are offering wonderful advice, too, and I’m looking forward to reading everyone else’s ideas.

Another delicious-looking recipe I’d like to try are these blueberry-basil preserves. The combination is most intriguing.

Though I haven’t chickens yet, I would dearly love some backyard hens for eggs (and they would simply be fun to watch, to say nothing of good at eating all of the bugs that might otherwise harass my vegetable garden). A very good post about the pecking order, something relevant even for small flocks, was just posted at the Hen Blog.

Jesse at Just A Car Guy has found some fun pictures of the Barris Batmobile for us—the one driven by Adam West in the old TV series. I’ll be honest, this is probably my favourite Batmobile! I really am too old-fashioned for my own good sometimes…

Finally, I wanted to share this with you. Hubby showed it to me because we’re both believers in laughter being great medicine. This is cute as can be…and becomes quite funny about :58 in. That is one sleepy kitten!

Have a wonderful and safe weekend! I know many of you will probably head out to see the latest Batman—maybe consider heading out to your local drive-in (from the homepage there you can search via ZIP code, too) or vintage movie theatre (or try this site) to check it out instead of the multiplex!

*Fair warning: Absolutely share your prayers and thoughts for those lost or harmed, but anything further I can’t allow because this should not be political; also, I really don’t want us at each others’ throats if we happen to disagree, okay? Thanks!


2 thoughts on “Weekend Roundup

  1. Wow Jen, I’ve been snooping round this post forever, what time is it? Is it still Saturday? Thanks for doing all the legwork to recommend these Blogs. I loved those cute little bird nests with vintage thread, especially the one in a jar. Had to Pin that one. And ‘Wearing History’ was great, I adore 30’s fashion It’d be very wearable today! She has an amazing Pinterest too (I Followed All). Oh my lord that kitty is adorable, that little tail and tummy, I watched it twice, HA. Glad you’re feeling better, but Ben does looks like he’d be great company if you ‘have’ to be home.

    • Oh, so glad you enjoyed it and found a few good things!

      Ben is good company…unless there’s a thunderstorm. Then he becomes rather needy. 😉

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