Preparing to weigh anchor…

The Winged Lady

The Winged Lady

Well, the time is finally near—a week from tomorrow (Friday), we are putting our current house on the market! Despite my natural Felix Unger-like tendencies, that has meant a lot of throwing stuff out, a lot of packing, a little decluttering (mostly de-personalizing, really, as I’m violently allergic to clutter), and some extra-deep cleaning (happily, due to my previously noted proclivities, this is not actually difficult in any way; being mildly obsessive-compulsive has its benefits!).

For many people, this would be emotionally trying. While I’m not looking forward to having to have the house picture-perfect at all times (no sewing! no baking! no making gelatine molds!), we have never been in love with this house the way we were our first in West Virginia. It’s a nice home, and I will very much miss the library and the deck, but we are looking forward to being in an older home once again. It’s sort of where we’re meant to be here on this earth, if you ask me. (As I type this, fireflies are floating around me, apparently trying to…mock me? Make us change our minds? Nice work, lightning bugs…!)

We’ve not found a new home yet, and if we still haven’t when our current place sells, are planning to rent until we do. At least this time around we have the ability (read: time) to wait until we find just the right home! We’ve seen some beauties, including a marvellous mid-century ranch on nine acres (NINE ACRES!) last week, but none have been just the right fit yet. God willing, the right place will turn up shortly before or after we sell this one!

Anyhow, I just wanted to leave a little note to let you all know what is going on. Unsurprisingly, I’m not adding new releases to the shop right now, but did want to let you know I’m still around and still working—just not on my business so much as the house situation.

Have a great day!


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