Writers Write.

Ohio Beauty

It’s an old saying, and a true one. The unspoken second part of this, though, may well be that a writer who isn’t writing is a writer beginning to go a bit antsy. That has been yours truly for a couple of years, after the whirlwind sale of our house (in 24 hours, with several offers) and moving (within 30 days) while looking for a new home (nope) ended up with our living in a windowless (almost entirely not kidding) apartment “for only about six or eight months, until we find something”…Six months that turned into two years. The best-laid plans…! We ended up buying acreage and building a carriage house, which we settled into by mid-May. But you can imagine that so much upheaval isn’t really conducive to writing (particularly the no windows bit, and again, that’s not completely hyperbole. What are architects about these days, anyhow? Certainly not human beings).

Our spring has been most eventful. The most eventful thing is something I’m simply not sure I’m ready to write about here—though if you know me, you know that I’ll probably decide I’m ready next week. (Women, right?) But even before we moved and everything else that has happened, I found myself thinking it was time to write again, that it’s something I, personally, simply need to do. After all, I’ve been wordsmithing since childhood. My husband agrees this will probably be a good thing for me to do, too.

So here we are! But some notes first. 

There won’t be a schedule.

When I began blogging many, many years ago, it was, in fact, because I needed an outlet for my desire to and love for writing, an outlet I was not, oddly, finding at the ad agency for which I worked. Blogging is free and easy and sometimes, if you’re lucky, you even get feedback! But here at Victory Rolls & V8s, I found myself no longer enjoying writing at all because the blog is attached to my business. I’m not sure if that was worse than the feeling of being constantly on-call when I was doing current events & political blogging, since I wasn’t covering terrorist attacks and cultural mayhem 24-7, but regardless…I’ll write when there’s something to share or say. Novel, don’t you think?

Secondly, the scope will broaden quite a bit. My photography will remain a part of my posting, of course, because photography is obviously another thing I love to do (especially having finally replaced my broken lenses, ahem), but like you, I’ve many, many interests and enjoy writing about them, enjoy bouncing my ideas off others. Thus there will likely be discussion of theology, homemaking, gardening, road trips (of course), crafty things, current events, the collapse of manners, culture, food…You know, all of the impolite things (though I hope not impolitely discussed). I may only share an article and a comment ranging from absurdly silly to borderline viciously snarky.

Politically correct? Never (ask my family). “Safe space”? Ha! Hardly. But the world those ideas have created is not only destined to be very dull, those ideas lead to banality and weak thinking and the shackling of all by a “soft” tyranny. I’d rather be honest with you, which has always been my policy, but omission is, alas, a form of untruth, isn’t it? You may not like what I say, but you’re welcome to politely counter. We may both learn something, if only about the way others think, even if we never change our minds.

Nice to see you again.




5 thoughts on “Writers Write.

  1. Hooray! I’m glad you’re going to start writing again. 🙂 I’ve been writing again myself this year after a break of…. um…. over a decade, I think. It’s only for may own amusement at this point, but it feels good to get back in the groove.

  2. Oh, how this makes me happy! I have missed your writing (I remember your Miss O’Hara days on Xanga, where we first “met”) — and didn’t realize you’d picked it up again until today. I took a little bit to catch up and I’m looking forward to reconnecting through WordPress. Here’s to lots of lovely words and pretty photos and enduring friendship!

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