Entering Memorial Day Weekend

Sewickley Memorial Day Parade, 2007

Memorial Day Parade in Sewickley, PA, 2007.
There is never a “wrong” time to honour those who have served and do serve. And look at all of the people!

Here in the States, we are entering Memorial Day weekend. Years ago, it was called Decoration Day, marking the day’s importance as one set aside to remember and be grateful for the thousands of Americans who have died in this country’s uniform, giving, as Abraham Lincoln put it so beautifully, their last full measure of devotion.

Westover Church

Westover Church, Virginia

As such, personally speaking, I have a difficult time considering this a stereotypical “holiday weekend”. Members of my family have served in America’s armed forces, and though every single one has come back home to us, thank God, that they did is a miracle. Devastatingly, many of my Marine cousin-in-law’s brothers in arms were not so blessed; Ohio’s Lima Company has suffered horrific losses, and I can’t imagine being on the battlefield and losing my friends there.


My Memorial Day project involved photographing a nearby war memorial dedicated to the men and women lost in the current war. It was very difficult to photograph, and I struggled mightily not to cry. Granted, I am too tender-hearted to begin with, but I really love our men & women in uniform. If that is a fault, so be it.

Auburn Brick

Thus you’ll probably understand why writing anything tonight, as we enter into this weekend intended to be one of reflection, was difficult. Really, I should just take the post off the schedule for the Friday leading into Memorial Day! But I thought I’d try to explain without being too much of a drag, and share some Americana photographs with you, because that felt most appropriate to me.

Cake For Breakfast!

These are the sights I suppose our men in women long to see upon returning home, after seeing their loved ones, the places they live and grew up in and made memories in. Some, those we honour this weekend, never had that opportunity.

Happy House

See you Monday—and truly, do enjoy your weekend. I plan to, of course, have a special post Monday.

Cute Little House



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