Don’t wait for a Valentine, just pick one.

Happy You-Know-What

Cephalopod Stevie Y is happy to pass out kisses to anybody. They’re just…a bit slimy…

Tomorrow is a day on the calendar I once dreaded and loathed more than all others: Valentine’s Day.

I’m also very much aware that my hatred of Valentine’s Day is not limited to myself. Many people hate it, and not because of the (sappy) commercialism. It is perhaps most reviled by, understandably enough, single people, and I’m here to tell you: I completely understand. I’ve advice, advice likely to anger you at first, but I sincerely hope you take it to heart.

Yes, I am very happily married now. But I’ve not been part of that estate for long, and the long, painfully lonely years of being alone and waiting remain extremely clear. This began very early.

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