Monday Escape: Tree-Lined Field



A sight often seen throughout the state of Ohio—fields divided by treeline. The large tree, its branches arcing toward the sky as if making an offering its bounty of leaves, is what truly caught my eye here; as we were zipping by at about 60, I’m quite happy this turned out as it did!

Monday Escape: Blue Impala Sunset

Now that my most recent journey along Route 66 is finished and completely posted *cries*, it’s back to working on my first love, photography-wise: classic cars!

Blue '58 Impala curving rear window. Copyright Jen Baker/Liberty Images; all rights reserved.

I chanced upon this gorgeous 1958 Impala at a car show in Wintersville, Ohio—fortuitously, at sunset. The ’58 is absolutely my favourite year for the Impala, and is, in my opinion, one of the most handsome vehicles Chevy ever produced. Little beauty marks like the roofline vent above the sexily curving rear window of the car are some of the details for which car designers (in the case of this car, the great Harley Earl) in the 1950s are still rightfully admired.

By the way, this beauty had plenty of power beneath the hood: though of course Chevy’s base V6 was available, buyers could (and I’m guessing did) choose instead from numerous V8 options ranging from a 283ci to a 348ci, one with three dual-barrel carburetors—providing 280 horses for the driver’s use. Thus, many consider Chevrolet’s glamourous 1958 Impala to be the first real muscle car.

Talk about a dreamboat…

Have a great Monday!