Memorial Day 2014

Remember and Honour

As I spent time discussing in my post Friday, the United States is celebrating Memorial Day this weekend. Today is, of course, officially Memorial Day (changed from Decoration Day, as I noted with chagrin on Friday). Out of the 365 days of every year, this is the day on which Americans are asked to remember and honour those who have died in America’s uniform, on our soil or in foreign lands.

Ohio Fallen Heroes Memorial: Keith (Matt) Maupin, SSG US Army; Killed In Captivity Known Only To GodDuring our church’s annual Memorial Day service this morning, our pastor noted that for Americans, to remember and honour our dead servicemen and women is not just a duty but a privilege. I’m glad he gave everyone a moment to digest that, because he is correct. (Our pastor is a Marine, with service in Vietnam.)

Ohio Fallen Heroes Memorial

As always, I wish to do something, however small, to honour these men and women who gave all while carrying America’s flag. Words cannot express to you how much I appreciate, admire, and kind of hero-worship our armed forces for all they do; it is important for me to do something. Thus, last week, I drove up to Sunbury, a small town about 10 miles outside of Columbus. Driving through late last month, we saw a war memorial we were unfamiliar with, and I wanted to share it with you and honour those  memorialized.

Ohio Fallen Heroes Memorial: Ryan E. Miller, Lance Corporal USMC, September 3 2006

Photographing this was very difficult. The dates are so recent—which sounds like an inane thing to say, especially for someone who follows the news as I do, but there it is. Upon first seeing this place a few weeks ago, I did not realize the Ohio Fallen Heroes’ Memorial is meant specifically to honour those who have died in the War on Terror, but as I processed this while standing there, it seemed quite fitting, and I was glad despite my sorrow. Sometimes I wonder if these young men and women are not being recognized as they ought to be. Are they not as courageous, as self-sacrificing, as American as those who have died in uniform during other wars?

Remember and Honour

“The nation that forgets its defenders will itself be forgotten”

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