Monday Escape: How about some snow?

First Snow

As mentioned recently, the weather here in Ohio has been quite grim despite the rapid approach of Christmas. Until yesterday, when the sunlight burst through in all of its long-desired glory, we’d had only two really sunny days since a couple of days after Thanksgiving! If you don’t believe me, here’s a satellite look from the NWS:

You remember the warm, colourful cheer of my summer garden?

Pollinator Garden

Ahhh. Well, here it is late Friday morning, being inspected by Ben.

Sunless Days

(Yes, yes, the trellis needs to be placed inside the shed, I know…)


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Friday Mental Meanderings: New toys, more from the Arboretum, and snow-walk photography attire

Dawes Arboretum: Fallen. Photo copyright Jen Baker/Liberty Images; all rights reserved. Pinning is okay.

As I’m still feeling quite under the weather (in fact, yours truly is waiting for one of her doctors to call!) I do hope you do not mind more photos of Dawes, since I have not felt up to much else—though of course several good post ideas presented themselves to me in the past few days—isn’t that always the way? Fear not, they’re written down!

The top photograph in this post has proven to be quite popular, with over 3,000 views since I posted it Wednesday night (this morning it had only 1,800!). This is encouraging, because the way the roots of the fallen tree seemed to be reaching out really captured my imagination, resulting in my spending quite a bit of time crouching in the snow to get the photo just right. Based on the response, I must have done! That’s encouraging. What do you think (by the way, a glimpse of my girly wintery woodland-wandering attire is at the end of the post)?

Dawes Arboretum. Photo copyright Jen Baker/Liberty Images; all rights reserved. Pinning to this page is okay.

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Wintertime Stroll With Ben

It’s not certain we’ll have a white Christmas, but we have had a white December! Wintertime Stroll

It has also been rather cold for this time of year (usually it’s not so bone-chilling until mid-January), but a fresh coating of snow makes the outdoors tempting indeed.

Wintertime Stroll

Ben, of course, adores the snow—with that big coat of his, it’s almost as if he’s made for it! He even has a specific snow-investigation procedure: Continue reading