Bitty Garden Tour

Bumblebee & Borage

Oh, who am I kidding? This post is likely to have 527 photos.

I'm a Liar!

The Kiss

A sad sight greeted my eyes last week (do pardon the tardiness—I also had surgery last week and recovery is taking a bit longer than anticipated): the first hard frost of the season, covering the grass and nearly-denuded trees and, of course, my veggie garden. Ben and I headed out to grab the last (green) tomatoes from the vine to ripen in the garage or be turned into some sort of preserve.

Last of the garden (methinks)

While most of the plants are indeed done for the season, my darling nasturtium actually doesn’t look bad and the youngest borage plants—borage being my other garden flower love—look as fresh as can be, and the same can be said for, of all things, the dill! The Brussels sprouts are fine, too, of course, and will probably taste all the better for the frost.

But for all intents and purposes, 2017’s growing season is over. This weekend I’ll put it to bed, though leaving up the still-blooming plants for as long as I can. Since it’s done for 2017 (my hopes of a winter garden setup having bitten the dust for the coming winter), why not a little tour? Continue reading


Monday Escape: A wintry trio from Dawes

Golden: Dawes Arboretum in Winter

Good morning! We won’t be all Dawes, all the time, but for one thing, there are no classic car shows in Ohio in winter, and for another, I spent part of the weekend a smidgen under the weather. Besides: To my mind, few things give us a leg up on the week better than the soul-soothing beauty of creation.

Footpath: Dawes Arboretum in Winter

No one else seems to like these, but I do, particularly the first photo of the diaphanous golden leaf lying in the snow. Continue reading