Roadtrip Bucket List: The Mohawk Trail

Ah, if wishes were horses—I’d be on the road shooting all of the time! (Well, maybe not during holidays, but you get my drift.) Last week, thanks to a New York Times article, another American road trip made its way onto my radar and thus my bucket list: Massachusetts’ Mohawk Trail.


Covering 63 miles on Route 2, the Mohawk Trail—so named for the victorious tribe in a ginned-up conflict between the Mohawk and Pocumtucks—was not only America’s first automobile-ready road, but one of the oldest and most-travelled roads in the country, period. A popular trade route before Europeans arrived, what was once a footpath through the Berkshires was soon widened for wagons and carriages; it didn’t take long for the curving, climbing road to be graded so the new wonder of the age, the automobile, could more easily travel the route. By 1914, this portion of Massachusetts’ Route 2 was designated as a scenic tourist route by the state legislature; today, it is still considered one of the loveliest drives in the state. National Geographic Traveller even chose the Mohawk Trail as one of the 50 best scenic routes in the nation (a list I fully intend to look into more deeply), so it must merit our attention!

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