Monday Escape: Tulsa’s Architectural Glamour!


During last year’s trip along Route 66, we set aside extra time to enjoy the beautiful architecture of Tulsa, Oklahoma. I was standing outside of this building—unfortunately, I’ve no idea of its name, so if you do know, I can’t tell you how much I would appreciate your filling me in!—taking pictures of this beautiful interior through the window. A very kind security guard popped open the door and invited me to shoot inside, and I’m ever so glad!


Could Route 66 lose the Pony Bridge?

Pony Bridge, Route 66, Oklahoma

This is an important heads-up for my fellow road-trippers, Route 66 lovers, and fans of engineering and architecture, courtesy of Ron at Route 66 News.

A recently updated eight-year plan for bad bridges in Oklahoma targets three Route 66 bridges for replacement, including the famous Pony Bridge near Bridgeport.

The initial news release about the bridge plan said spans would be replaced or rehabilitated. However, Kenna Mitchell, a member of the Oklahoma Department of Transportation’s Media and Public Relations Division, confirmed in an email that three prominent Route 66 bridges would be replaced, not repaired.

“The three bridges you cite below are scheduled for replacement at this time. […] While the department certainly recognizes the historic nature and the public interest in these bridges, we also have to balance those concerns with the continued safety of these structures and of the travelling public.”

I really don’t like the sound of that.

According to Ron’s post about the possible demise of this great bridge and two others, ODOT has been (surprise, surprise) giving out some conflicting signals; moreover, the Deputy State Preservation Officer informed Ron that she has not heard a peep about this.

Last year, we lost the 1936 Bird Creek Bridge near Catoosa; there are twin bridges no longer. Alas. Let’s not let this happen again!

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