Monday Escape: Dreamscape

Books and Neon?


Lots of books.

A neon sign (in turquoise, no less).

An old building.

Is this the fantasy of quite a few of us or what?

And one wonderful bit of news this Monday: My friend April’s cat is home! A kind couple nearly a mile away spotted him in their yard and returned Silver to his home. Thanks for your prayers…and have a fine Monday.


Monday Escape: A cup of joe, and make it snappy!

Lester's Diner, Bryan Ohio. Photo copyright Jen Baker/Liberty Images. All rights reserved. Pinning is fine, but please don't steal my work!

While selecting photos for last week’s post about motels & hotels, I came across my photos of the great sign for Lester’s Diner in Bryan, Ohio. As you can see, it boasts quite a few of my favourite vintage sign features: whimsy (a coffee cup pouring an arrow? YES!); a big arrow; motion (that coffee really does appear to pour because of the alternating lights); and, of course, neon. What’s not to love? There’s a shot of the whole wonderful sign and the scoop on Lester’s after the jump. Continue reading

Monday Escape: A neon rebuttal to dreariness

It is a grey, drizzly day here in central Ohio. On one hand, I’m happy, because the gardens need the rain; on the other, it’s Monday, and sunshine would be better! But it is what it is; thus this shot from the original location of Cinci’s fantabulous American Sign Museum seems to be the perfect foil to our heavy skies.

American Sign Museum entry, Cinci. Copyright Jen Baker/Liberty Images; all rights reserved.

My title for this one is “Twitterpation Deluxe”—as in twitterpated, not the social network—and I’m sure quite a few of you will agree with me there. There’s a slideshow of my ASM visit here; the Museum was recently moved to a bigger, better building, and I can’t wait to visit again. If you’re in Cincinnati, you definitely need to drop in.

And yes, I would LOVE that miniature Holiday Inn neon for my pollinator’s garden.

What? Why not? The neighbors are sure to love it.

Have a great Monday, everyone.


Last night I released my 1,200th finished photo from my Route 66 photography project—fittingly enough, it is one from the hotel we’ve stayed at more than any other during the journeying back and forth: the Munger Moss Motel.

Munger Moss Motel Neon, Route 66, USA. Copyright Jen Baker/Liberty Images; all rights reserved.


It’s a nice round number, 1,200, but there are a few left from my last trip along the Mother Road, and God willing, more to come. My hope is to make it all the way to California within the next two years, thus wrapping up this particular undertaking—though no doubt I’ll hit Route 66 again and again. It’s such a great journey; I don’t think you could exhaust its wonders, joys, and laughs in a lifetime. Not even close.


If you’d like, enjoy this slideshow of all 1,200 Route 66 photographs (above and at the link) from my journeys.