Monday Escape: Ben and the Leaf

After a semi-spontaneous decision to make an additional batch of Christmas jam this morning, it seemed wise to go with a sure crowd-pleaser this Monday…

Ben and the Maple Leaf

Collie p0rn! (Also, it’s Ben’s birthday week. He’s going to be seven! Goodness…)

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Monday Escape: Tulsa’s Architectural Glamour!


During last year’s trip along Route 66, we set aside extra time to enjoy the beautiful architecture of Tulsa, Oklahoma. I was standing outside of this building—unfortunately, I’ve no idea of its name, so if you do know, I can’t tell you how much I would appreciate your filling me in!—taking pictures of this beautiful interior through the window. A very kind security guard popped open the door and invited me to shoot inside, and I’m ever so glad!