2014 Honeyfest

2014 Lithopolis Honeyfest

2014 Lithopolis Honeyfest: Guest Of Honour

A Guest of Honour!

You’ll probably remember my enthusiastic visit to last year’s Lithopolis Honeyfest; thus my returning for another go at it should come as no surprise.

The weather was much cooler this year than last, which made for a more comfortable but slightly busier spin through the booths, but despite my not really being fond of even smallish crowds, we had a good time, to say nothing of returning home with what shall probably prove to be more than enough local honey to get me through ’til next year’s Honeyfest.

2014 Lithopolis Honeyfest

Rogers Honey display.

I shall try to keep the yammering to a minimum, but wish to say once again: If you’re in the central Ohio area the weekend after Labor Day, Lithopolis’ Honeyfest is a must-visit!

2014 Lithopolis Honeyfest: May Clay Garden Toadstools

Hand-crafted pottery toadstools from May Clay Pottery, perhaps my favourite new find!

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