Monday Escape: Ben and the Leaf

After a semi-spontaneous decision to make an additional batch of Christmas jam this morning, it seemed wise to go with a sure crowd-pleaser this Monday…

Ben and the Maple Leaf

Collie p0rn! (Also, it’s Ben’s birthday week. He’s going to be seven! Goodness…)

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Monday Escape: Packard


This gorgeous yellow Packard is one of my favourite cars at Afton Station on Route 66 in Oklahoma. The Station, fixed up and run as a lighthearted, fun museum-esque stop along the Road by the delightful Laurel Kane, is a must-see-site if you’re taking a Mother Road trip or if you’re in the area. (Once I’m finally done working on the many—hm, Jen and classic cars equal a gazillion shots, who is surprised?—photos I took there, I hope to put up a post about Afton Station!)

We missed Afton Station on our first 66 trip, but made up for it the second time by visiting on both our westbound and return eastbound trip—encouraged by Laurel, who mentioned as we were heading west that the new addition to the Station would probably be open by the time we were on our way back. Who could resist the opportunity to be among the first to see the expanded digs? Not this Packard fan! I’m so glad I did, too; visitors have a great view of the small fleet of Packards. Plus Laurel and Afton Station are, really, just fantastic anyhow.

At any rate, I hope this golden beauty has brightened up the Monday in what is probably the first full week of work most of us are looking at in a couple of weeks. Here’s to a productive Monday!