Scampering Squirrel, embroidered and harmless

Squirrel Pillowcase My sincere apologies for no TCM top 5 post this week; I’ve been slightly under the weather, and really, I wrote two last week, so I hope I can be forgiven. To be honest, I’ve kicked around the idea of it being less frequent anyhow; it takes a few hours every week to write up, and sometimes I’d rather write about other things, but feel obligated to keep to “the schedule”. But this is, after all, my own blog, so it is whatever I make it, yes? Just a heads-up.

Instead, today (as you can see!) I am sharing with you photos of a years-long embroidery project I finally finished a couple of months ago and sent off to the friend I was gifting them to.

Squirrel Pillowcases

Wandering around an antique mall or something of that sort one day, I spotted a pair of crochet-edge, pre-stamped but not-yet-embroidered pillowcases peeking out at me. Continue reading


Bumblebee Feathers

Baby Shower Invites

Thanks for your patience this week. A few more doctor visits, and hope to be back on the mend! (Happily, no heavy-duty painkillers, though even succumbed to the need for Tylenol.) In the meantime, I’ve gotten some light organizing done around the house thanks to my need to wander about, as sitting down for very long is still uncomfortable—the week has not been a complete loss. Lifting things has been rough, though, making me all the more grateful that I taught Ben to haul things around for me in his collie backpack! Plan ahead, dear hearts, for it wasn’t raining when Noah built the ark!

One thing I had to finish despite the accident were the baby shower invitations for my sister, and I thought I’d share them with you here since I’ve obviously not been working on any photography. Mom had long ago asked for my help with planning the shower, and I was thrilled to oblige (oblige, nothing!). Some difficulties arose due to the distance, but Mom still wanted me to create the invitations and offer other creative input, and of course I am thrilled to help!

I’d suggested a bumblebee-laced theme for the shower, and Mom ran with this, so it follows that bumblebees would be part of the Baby Shower Invites invitations. Oddly, no one seems to have ribbon or cardstock with a honeycomb print—you’d think they would, this time of year, but alas, there was not anything bee- or honey-related to be found. Sitting at the drawing board rather late in the game, I managed to come up with something I think still looks pretty.

The hardest part of the invites, despite the stamping and embroidering and making of paint-and-thread bees, was getting the text itself to align properly on the cards. Boy, what a pain! Half of the ink in my printer went to getting it right, well after it looked perfect on the template. It was hopping onto my little step-ladder during the alignment process (hi, I’m Jen, and I’m vertically challenged) to see how things looked coming out of the printer (which is way up high for a 5′-tall gal) that I had my fall, so yours truly is a bit biased against printing invitations at home right now. Next time I’ll have someone ELSE print them, then do the fun (read: safe) stuff!

For the all-important honeycomb, necessity led me to create a honeycomb stamp myself, using an eraser and a carefully wielded blade. Continue reading