Monday Escape: America in Autumn

America in Autumn

Timing is everything, as we all know. Zipping down one of Ohio’s many country roads, I spotted this “Frank” doing its work in the fields. There wasn’t even time to hop out of the car—but I’m still very happy with this shot! A fine stroke of luck. All the shot is missing is a kindly-looking middle-aged farmer, proudly surveying the activity on his farm (he’s probably the fellow driving the harvester).America in Autumn

Also, random internet user tip….Have you been glaring angrily at your computer due to its not performing correctly? As in, you’re unable to post to Flickr, your blog, or even see letters on webpages?

Reinstall the browser. You’ll save yourself two full days of frustration and re-booting your computer thinking it is the one responsible for your problems.


Have a beautiful Monday, all!


Monday Escape: Looking Ahead

Mystery Bloom

It doesn’t look quite this autumnal in Ohio yet, but we’re getting there more quickly than I like. This photo is from last October; Hubby and I hopped into the car and just cruised around, exploring, and found this cluster of mystery flowers on one of central Ohio’s many back roads out in the middle of nowhere.

My apologies for the lateness of this post, as well—apparently, this is one of the worst allergy seasons in ages, and it’s hitting me particularly hard! I’m very thankful for all of my recently-purchased local honey...and plain old allergy medication. I hope none of you are dealing with the same thing! Have a beautiful day regardless. 😉