Quick look at the Blue Whale

Thanks to Ron at Route 66 News for posting this short but entertaining little video about the world-famous Blue Whale of Catoosa. I have to say: my favourite part of it is the sunshine! It was quite drizzly during our visit, though believe me, NOTHING can take joy away from the experience of visiting the Blue Whale. I kid you not. It’s such fun!

I can see that a great deal of work has been done since my visit two years ago. The segment was probably done, as Ron suggested, in anticipation of last night’s Blue Tie Affair, a “quirky blue tie formal” event which raises money to save and maintain Ol’ Blue. We couldn’t make it this year, but maybe next—I have the perfect vintage blue tiki dress for the event, and am sure I can find shoes to match! Perhaps I can even ‘kidnap’ some of my friends from Nashville on the way to Oklahoma so we can all go together…

I will say that the reporter’s comment about people travelling to the US “just” to travel 66 is a bit irksome. Thousands travel the Mother Road every year; it’s a dream of many thousands more, and quite do-able. Then again, we often take for granted what we have in our own backyard. Still, the “Route 66 does not exist anymore” myth is, unfortunately, very much alive and well. What a shame!

By the way, Ol’ Blue is always sharing interesting things on Twitter. The whale can be quite chatty, too!

The Blue Whale of Catoosa & new friend, Route 66, Oklahoma, USA. Photo copyright Jen Baker/Liberty Images; all rights reserved.

Stevie Y, the world’s only cephalopod to travel Route 66, gets a good look at Ol’ Blue.