Avant-Garde Columbus 2013


Last Saturday Hubby and I visited the Avant-Garde Art & Craft Show in nearby Upper Arlington (sadly, I’m only getting to it now because it has been a hectic week!). For one thing, I was scoping out its potential as a venue for selling my own photography, but really, I really enjoy such shows; you never know what you might find! Besides, it’s never too early to begin Christmas shopping. 😉

At any rate, I thought it would be fun to share with you some of the great vendors we particularly liked. There were many there, and I must say—the hall where the show was held was JAMMED with cheerful shoppers. Now, once upon a time I’d take a few pictures of the artisans and their work to share, but alas, sellers are getting a bit nervous about that these days, and I don’t want to unnerve anyone.

There’s a decent chance I’m going to forget a couple, but regardless, I hope you too find work you like from one of these fellow Columbus-area artisans!

First of all, Hubby bought a really nice new belt—handcrafted with bison leather! It’s made by Brandon Ault of Old Salts Leatherworks. Not only is the belt handsome, Old Salts Leatherworks has a fab logo, at least to the eyes of this granddaughter of a Navy man. There’s not a whole lot in the shop at the moment, but he had a great deal of stock on hand including, if I recall correctly, dog leashes!

Chicago bottle stopper by Daisy Mae Designs

Chicago—starting point of Route 66!

Since the offerings of Daisy Mae Designs all incorporate maps, it should come as no surprise that this road-tripping dame loved everything on the Daisy Mae table. From cufflinks and  decorative plates—perfect for the guestroom or entry table—to hair pins and bracelets, she has it all, and it was very hard to walk away not having bought half the things on the table. (No doubt Kristy would not have minded my doing that, but there are groceries to buy.)

We were particularly and disturbingly enamoured of her wine stoppers and bottle openers; few things are more relaxing after a fun but long day shooting on the road than sitting outside of our motor court motel room’s door and having a nice glass or two *ahem ahem* of wine, and, if we’re lucky, sharing one with the motel owner. Could it be done any more stylishly and fittingly than with a Daisy Mae opener and stopper? I think not!  Continue reading