“Bananas Foster” featured in a swank atomic collection!

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One of my newer classic car photo releases, “Bananas Foster” (get a better look below), is featured in this really fantastic vintage-themed collection on ArtFire. There are so many other fabulous vintage goodies—I’m really pleased and proud to have my shot of a buttercup-yellow Bel Air included. A body could easily fill their home with swank 1950s atomic style by snapping up everything in this collection of vintage treats!

1953 or '54 Chevy Bel Air art photo

“Bananas Foster”
Hello, lovely lady!

While you’re shopping, do take a look at the latest collection I’ve whipped up—one that’s a tribute to autumn:

Thanks, and have a great weekend!

Will you look at that!

I’ve not been able to whip up a collection featuring my fellow artists and vintage-lovers in a while, but put one together today that features man’s best friend, the dog. Well, it made ArtFire’s front page, and I’m tickled pink! Please pop over and take a look—there are all sorts of canine-related goodies I’m sure you’ll love, and you’ll be supporting terrific artists and designers I’ve befriended over the years.