Monday Escape: America in Autumn

America in Autumn

Timing is everything, as we all know. Zipping down one of Ohio’s many country roads, I spotted this “Frank” doing its work in the fields. There wasn’t even time to hop out of the car—but I’m still very happy with this shot! A fine stroke of luck. All the shot is missing is a kindly-looking middle-aged farmer, proudly surveying the activity on his farm (he’s probably the fellow driving the harvester).America in Autumn

Also, random internet user tip….Have you been glaring angrily at your computer due to its not performing correctly? As in, you’re unable to post to Flickr, your blog, or even see letters on webpages?

Reinstall the browser. You’ll save yourself two full days of frustration and re-booting your computer thinking it is the one responsible for your problems.


Have a beautiful Monday, all!


Monday Escape: Perfect Spot for Lunch in West Virginia

This isn’t wintry at all, but it is serene and lovely—well, it does suit the whole purpose of my sharing a photo with you on Mondays: a way to escape the most-dreaded day of the week!

Rural church resting on the crest of a hill. Copyright Jen Baker & Liberty Images; all rights reserved.

During my most recent journey to see my doctor (he’s a couple of states away, but considering the man saved my life, he’s well worth the drive), I journeyed, as always, along old US and state routes. Doing this often takes a bit longer, but it’s much more interesting, pulchritudinous, peaceful (well…other than some of the questionably-maintained roads my GPS takes me on), and obviously provides fine fodder for my mind, eye and camera.

This particular trip took me through places I’d never seen before, last autumn’s unusual intensity in colour making it an exceptionally marvellous drive. That said, I found myself driving for quite some time through places with no restaurants or diners—it was farmland all around, so there wasn’t even a spot to pull over and stretch my legs on those curving roads, much less enjoy the modest but tasty lunch I’d brought with me. I must have gone about 70 miles, at least, without seeing such a place.  Road tripping has taught me, though, that eventually such a place will turn up, even in the remote and scantly-populated mountain foothills of southeastern Ohio and West Virginia.

Just that happened last fall—steering my coupe around yet another sharp hillside curve, and there in the distance appeared this pretty country church resting on the crest of another hill (which was, of course, a few hills away yet—those familiar with that part of the country know what I mean!). As always, the road had yielded an ideal resting place for those travelling along it. Pulling into the steep drive with no small amount of relief, being able to park the car in front of the church and planting my feet onto the ground for the first time since stopping for a coffee about two and a half hours before proved to be a real joy!

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