Memorial Day, 2015

For Which They Fell

I’ve been too busy actually working to blog, but Memorial Day is one thing I cannot in good conscience  neglect.

Normally, I try to go out and get something extra-special for Memorial Day, in an effort to remind us of those men and women who have fallen in defense of our nation, in what Lincoln so aptly described as “the last full measure of devotion” to America and all she stands for.

Unfortunately, weather and other things have not cooperated this year (and I did not bring my camera to our church’s Memorial Day commemoration this morning)—a privilege I can claim as a photographer, something the men and women who have served and even died under this flag can never claim. Forget the post office; it’s America’s men and women in uniform who serve no matter how they feel, no matter what else is happening in their lives, under any condition, including conditions so horrendous you and I could not manage to think well, much less perform well. Yet they serve, they perform, and often in fashion beyond exemplary—some dying while doing so, many dying while protecting their brothers and even sisters in arms in the process.

It is these brilliantly brave men and women we in America honour today, those who have given their lives in service of our nation. Continue reading

Thank You

Thank You


Happy Veterans Day to each and every one of you who has served in the uniform of our great nation. What civilians are able to do, every day, in peace and security, rests upon your willingness to sacrifice yourself, your life, your days on the behalf of America.

Thank you, and may God bless you and yours over and above the rest.

And please—whenever you see a veteran, thank them. Genuinely say ‘thank you’, shake their hand. Chat a while if they’re so inclined (though they tend to be industrious folk, so don’t be insulted if they’ve business to attend to!). But always, always say thanks, even if you have to run them down in the supermarket.

They’ve earned it.

10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Bob Hope

As the granddaughter & niece Navy veterans, as well as a classic film fan, I do enjoy Bob Hope as much for what he did to cheer our men & women oversesas as for his good humour and irresistible grin. Nitrate Diva has a collection of ten facts about the star you’re sure to enjoy reading!

Nitrate Diva

coverDescribing Bob Hope as “underrated” may sound strange. After all, he remains one of the most recognizable people of the 20th century. However, a new, comprehensive biography suggests that few of us fully appreciate Ol’ Ski Nose and his significance in American culture.

Richard Zoglin’s Hope: Entertainer of the Century doesn’t hesitate to tell it like it was. The book matter-of-factly addresses the star’s less lovable side, including his womanizing, his stifling conceitedness, and his heavy reliance on sycophantic employees.

Despite the sometimes uncomfortable honesty, Hope proves an ultimately inspiring read, largely due to the clear-sighted appraisal of its subject’s vast legacy. Not too long ago, Christopher Hitchens crankily asserted that Hope wasn’t funny. I guess that’s a matter of opinion (Not in my house, but I’m trying to be diplomatic…). What Hope certainly was, though, was influential.

In his prime, Hope made it cool to crack wise about current events. Never…

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Monday Escape: Autumn Is Icumen In

It's coming.


I suppose it is technically already here, but until the temperatures drop to the low 60s on a steady basis, I prefer to continue living as if it’s summer. Still…it is creeping up on us! I took this yesterday afternoon somewhere near the Hocking Hills. There’s not a ton of colour yet, as you can see near the right side of the frame, but there’s more colour in Hocking than there is in the Columbus area, which I found a little odd. Then again, the summer was rather bizarre, so maybe that is affecting how the trees turn.

Since sharing the colour was really my goal here, I actually fuzzed out all the detail of the leaves and grasses, which I found distracting.

Have a beautiful day!

Someone Has A little Bit Of Work Ahead


It is unseasonably cold, but here comes the food! Today I’ll be putting up salsa, candied jalapenos, Szechuan beans and some other goodies lest all this bounty to go waste (and I hate to see food wasted). Wish me energy, and do pardon the hurried, excited
phone photos.  😉


My very professional method of gathering from the garden.

Lauren Bacall: 1924-2014

My goodness.

Lauren Bacall

CC BY-SA 2.0

One of the sultriest women Hollywood had to offer—one who could smolder while still being classier than everybody else on (and probably off) the screen—has left us. She was so tough—I sort of never thought I’d see this day. Bacall gave the impression, amongst many other impressions, that she simply had no interest in leaving this mortal coil.

Rest in peace, Lauren.