Monday Escape: Ben and the Leaf

After a semi-spontaneous decision to make an additional batch of Christmas jam this morning, it seemed wise to go with a sure crowd-pleaser this Monday…

Ben and the Maple Leaf

Collie p0rn! (Also, it’s Ben’s birthday week. He’s going to be seven! Goodness…)

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Monday Escape: Reflection

Pond Tree: West

Last week, I told a lie. More autumn.

Pond Tree: East

Besides, contrary to popular belief and media propaganda, winter does not look like a snow-covered fairytale in the Midwest. Many of my Southern and Western friends seem to think winter looks like this, 24-7:

A truly charming, enchanted winter wonderland!


Really, despite the discomfort and danger snow involves…if only (because snow, truly, is pretty, at least away from the roads)! The truth must be explained. Turn away if you prefer to cling to your illusions about winter, my dear.

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!

(Lucy, our diva, was not available…then again, she did not gorge herself, either.)

Though this is late, with it I send all of my prayers and hopes that you and yours have a wonderful, calm Thanksgiving (and if you’re not in the States, I’m still wishing you a marvellous weekend and all of the joy being thankful gives us!).

Since my running-about-like-a-beheaded-chicken is over with, it seemed like a nice time to share some of the lovely vintage Thanksgiving postcards I’ve run across lately. They’re not only charming, but have such a wonderful personal warmth to them. (Unless you don’t like the idea of turkeys in peril.)

Vintage Thanksgiving Day Postcard

Courtesy Dave, CC BY-ND 2.0

Why did we ever stop sending Thanksgiving cards, anyhow?

Vintage Thanksgiving Postcard

Courtesy Dave, CC BY-ND 2.0

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Autumn Fun at Westerville Mini-Golf: Two Amazing Shots On One Course

Westerville Mini-Golf

While running errands, my husband and I decided to take a spin around the Westerville Golf Center’s mini-golf (putt-putt) course prior to their closing up for the season. I’ve enjoyed putt-putt since I was little—Dad was always taking me—and of course, many a date has been spent at one mini-golf place or another (it really is the perfect date—putt-putt and a milkshake—don’t you think?).

This course has apparently and repeatedly been voted Central Ohio’s best, and we were not disappointed in the least; we had a great time, and the course was challenging and fun. I had my little purse camera along with me and being an abnormal weirdo, could not resist taking a few photos while we played.

Train Station at Westerville Mini-Golf

Isn’t this small-scale train station cute as can be?

We chose to play the “difficult” course, and there were indeed a couple of tough holes. Hole Five, though it looks simple, nearly proved to be the end of both of us (and it was, coincidentally *ahem* here that we decided to stop keeping score).

Happily, the mini-golf course is ridiculously beautifully landscaped and waterscaped, particularly considering it’s full-blown fall around here. The gardens and streams are truly pretty, more than enough so to balm any mini-golf-inflicted wounds. How they’ve missed local landscaping and gardening awards is beyond me. Regardless, the abundant-for-a-golf-course beauty really did make it seem as if we were enjoying a little getaway, right up the street from the supermarket.

Westerville Mini-Golf

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Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

Granted, Ben’s not much for posing, particularly when ghosts are involved.

There was another post planned, but it is Halloween, of course, and it seemed like a little more fun to just share our photos with you. Here in our town, trick-or-treating was last night due to a big football game tonight. Yes, that’s really weird…but this is central Ohio, where football reigns supreme. I remember Halloween being rescheduled a few times when we lived in West Virginia, too, so it does not seem as bizarre

Happy Halloween!

Buckley is wishing we’d spent money on catnip & toys instead of candy.

to me as it did to some folks on Twitter last night, who thought the tiny Supermans and princesses were a night early and that we’re just a super nice couple for giving candy out a night early. Regardless—it is sleeting outside my window as I type. That rescheduling has turned out to be fortuitous.

Many of my online friends and acquaintances truly adore Halloween, so it is really fun for me to watch all of you get so excited about it. My parents were hyper-fundamentalist when I was young, so I do not remember trick-or-treating, as I wasn’t allowed to do so past the age of maybe four or five. But my affection for the black cat-and-bat holiday is genuine; everyone likes to dress up, and be silly, and get free candy, yes?

As an adult, of course I’m far too old to go trick-or-treating, but

She can't believe we're about to give away 300 pieces of candy.

Lucy can’t believe we’re about to give away 300 pieces of candy.

have great fun decorating the house and then seeing all of the excited little ones in their marvellous costumes sweep up to our porch for candy. It’s so much fun! I really look forward to it, perhaps nearly as much as the crumb-crunchers do.

Of course, I don’t ever really “need” to “dress up”; as a “vintage girl”, my everyday look suffices pretty well unless I find myself with the time and inclination to come up with something more interesting. I do usually don something fun, though, this year choosing to wear a frock I made from fabric with tiny little critters on it. It is a cellphone photograph, but you can probably just see tiny alligators, tigers, giraffes, and hippos beneath my warm sweater! Ben is very carefully watching the next batch of kids heading up the sidewalk. 2014-10-30 18.03.21Now, for many years, Benedict has been living proof of the collie’s natural goodness and tolerance, his dignity being insulted with costumes. Continue reading

Squandering Time Online

Snuggle Time

All snuggled in for a recuperating nap!

(This post was originally scheduled for Friday, but I waited to put the images in…and then my browser imploded, and it took me two days to figure out what was going on. So here you go, albeit a few days later than intended! It is also apparently National Cat Day, hence the cat stuff.)

The other night, a girlfriend and I were discussing how different our lives are than those of our ancestors at the turn of the last century—from the 19th to the 20th. As big-time history nerds, this is a topic both of us have pondered quite a bit, especially since the advent of smartphones; as my husband has pointed out, it is pretty incredible to think that we wander around with the sum of human knowledge in our purses or pockets.

"You don't have any important calls to make, do you? Of course not."

“That sum of human knowledge stuff will have to wait until my nap is over, human.”

My friend was not so sure of this, but I was (of course!) happy to clarify—we have the capability of delving into the sum of all human knowledge via our phones. It is simply that not many choose to do so. There are a lot of distractions that quite easily pull us away from study and seeking after knowledge. There’s not an entire category of websites known as “time wasters” for nothing!

Today I’ll share a few of the sites I’ve been squandering time on instead of using that time to study with you.

Why? Because after spending ten-ish hours driving to see my doctor and back (last) Tuesday, I did indeed spend some of my recuperation time (for some that’s no big deal, but I tire pretty easily) simply meandering around online. Continue reading