Happy birthday, Elvis!

Everybody knows whose birthday it is today. Right? If not, here’s what is probably my favourite  (non-gospel) Elvis song.

And to follow up, a little 1970 mini-concert from the King himself (it looks like clips from a couple of different shows). His live performances are fun to see—it was certainly a different world then. Continue reading

Monday Escape: Happy birthday, Mr. Charles!

Today is the birthday of the great Ray Charles—well, more appropriately, the anniversary of his birth. It seemed to me that instead of sharing a photo, we could groove to some Ray Charles, and I’ve found a few good clips for you—including his first set from Brazil in ’63. It’s out of sight.

Of course, nothing is more appropriate for this blog than his version of “America, The Beautiful”. Ray’s take on what is almost a hymn is rightly loved and admired, and there are a lot of versions of him singing it on the web; this is simply the performance I like best today.

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TCM Top 5 & “Stormy Skies” Work Wednesday

Rolling In

Finally, FINALLY it actually feels a bit like summer.

Just in time for the end of August.

This is a bit depressing.

Even so, it’s my intention to enjoy the remainder of summer to the best of my ability! But there’s still a schedule to keep. Let’s take a look at the week ahead in classic movies on TCM. But first—the good folks at newly-open Belle Grove Plantation Bed & Breakfast in Virginia have recently purchased a lovely portrait of an unknown lady. I suggested she allowed to be named by readers of Belle Grove’s blog, so…they went with my crazy, madcap idea! Do head over and take a look at the fashionable woman, and suggest a name if you like.

 Cat On A Hot Tin Roof ’58
8PM Friday

Picking a flick for Friday was difficult—Elizabeth Taylor is the Star of the Day, and therefore, it’s a wealth of films to pick from. Still, though the schedule features quite a few marvellous films that have stood the test of time and will continue to do so, it’s hard to pass up Cat On A Hot Tin Roof, which is one of my favourite Taylor performances. As the lead, Maggie, married to an alcoholic (Paul Newman) with some, ah, latent tendencies, surrounded by barbaric and grasping in-laws, and caught in the general swirl of Pollitt family drama, Taylor is indeed a cat on a hot tin roof—her performance is a little like Andy Griffith’s in Face In The Crowd: Maggie is furiously alive, a blue flame trapped in human flesh. Of course, unlike Griffith’s, Taylor’s performance as Maggie, nerves stretched taut, is elegant and lovely, but that’s the part she’s playing: the daughter-in-law of a plantation owner (Burl Ives). In my opinion, it’s one of the finest performances Taylor ever turned in (and more personally, the film got me going on a vintage full-slip buying kick that has still not ended). Continue reading

Happy National Rum Day!

A tiki-loving gal like  yours truly can’t let this slip by. August 16 is National Rum Day, and while I normally let these various “holidays” slip by, this one has too much potential for fun to do that! I’m working on a post about my Lincoln Highway Buy-Way adventure, but my computer crashed and ate the last half of it; therefore, it’ll have to be posted later today (Friday). But ’til then, head on over to Tiki Chris’ place for his suggestions on some tasty rum drinks to celebrate with!

Personally speaking, I have been making and enjoying Canchancharas throughout the spring and summer. A Cuban cocktail “more Cuban than Desi Arnaz”, they have a rather unique ingredient: honey. But I love all things Cuban, so my affection for the drink shouldn’t surprise you.

To help tide you over, here’s Desi with a favourite old romantic song of mine. Enjoy!

Update: Here are a few more drinks from Dr. Cocktail! And he brags about El Dorado, which no liquor store within 50 miles of Columbus seems to carry (or has even heard of). Just rub it in, Doc. *sigh*

Play it, Sam.

The video for the song that’s been stuck in my head for the past few hours is really awful (oh, Erasure, I love you so, but…). But this popped up in the YouTube sidebar, and it’s my blog, and I do love this film and the music, so enjoy. 😉

Patty Andrews, RIP

Patty Andrews, the last living member of the famous Andrews Sisters trio, passed away today at the age of 94. The songstress died of natural causes.

Patty was the lead singer, and I have to say her animated expressions never failed to draw my attention! The girls (actual sisters, born in Minneapolis) were the daughters of a Greek father and Norwegian mother, both immigrants to the US. It seems so fitting that their very talented daughters would go on to provide so much to so many men in uniform as they served the nation overseas.
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