Ohio’s Velvet Ice Cream Festival & Ye Olde Mill

Utica-Sertoma Velvet Ice Cream Festival: Butter Pecan

My parents were in town recently, and it happened to be the same weekend as the Utica Sertoma Velvet Ice Cream Festival. Paleo or no, my biggest downfall is rich, creamy ice cream—an affection many of you probably share with me, and you can therefore understand my happiness to go to the Festival with the family. It was a gorgeously sunny day, and I got a bit of sunburn despite my sunblock addiction, but fresh butter pecan solves a lot of hurts!

Utica-Sertoma Velvet Ice Cream Festival

Velvet Ice Cream is a rare success among companies—the still-family-owned business turns 100 years old this year, a feat managed by a scant handful of American businesses. Continue reading

Mobile Art Gallery in Tucson

This video about a new take on wildly popular food trucks was recently posted on ArtFire’s Nosh blog:

Fabulous idea, don’t you think? It’s probably much less daunting for artists while also providing them with a very memorable form of exposure. I also suspect many people who would not visit a local gallery—either because they don’t want to or are unable to head downtown, people who don’t even think about that possibility, and those who fear being intimidated by a gallery environment—would be more than happy to pop into a mobile art gallery such as Planet Rabbit!

I’d be just peachy with this sort of gallery taking off—not only could mobile galleries park themselves in the suburbs and outer reaches of the city, they could show up at local fairs and festivals, too, affording even wider publicity for the artists chosen. What do you think?

Five-link Wednesday

It's true!

It’s true! Don’t laugh, read on!

Today seemed like a good day to share a few links with you all—just a quick spin of interesting things around the web.

First of all, you know how much I enjoy embroidery, and I’ve more patterns than I’ll probably ever be able to stitch. Even so, Mollie Johansen’s newest (free!) release, Fiesta Gato, has gone right to the top of my to-stitch list! That maraca-waving kitty is just too cute—and those tiny fish on his instruments really make the pattern, if you ask me. Continue reading

New bees!

New Hive

Not for me (bother!), but for one of Hubby’s now-former coworkers. Already an accomplished beekeeper in my book—last fall he gave us a bunch of honey, and had plenty to share with everyone else at the office—he invited us over to watch him add a new hive to his yard. It was quite an experience!

Due to some early-morning spousal miscommunication (who hasn’t been there?), the only camera I had with me was my little Powershot purse camera, but I managed to get a sparse handful of photos to share. At the top of the post you see the final result—a new hive quite literally abuzz with bees.

New Hive

The aborted frame-sharing procedure.

The whole process started fairly simply—a small crate, a queen bee and 3,000 of her workers inside. Continue reading

Drop Everything And Read Day is tomorrow!

Brief Library Tour

Okay, so that’s actually a “boxed” set of Temptations music. It just doesn’t fit anywhere else!

It’s a small holiday, but one I particularly like, especially with such a fine weekend in the offing (and even more so after spending all of today up until about two hours ago working in the garden—your exhausted correspondent is ready to rest!): Drop Everything And Read Day, shortened to DEAR.

Taking place on April 12th each year, DEAR Day pays tribute not only to a love of reading but to children’s author Beverly Cleary. Though aimed at children, hoping to encourage a love of reading by having them…well, DEAR a book, considering the way most adults’ lives are packed with far less rewarding (however necessary) activities, why shouldn’t we adopt it? Continue reading

Doris Day all day Thursday, The Duke as Star of the Month

Doris Day

Happy birthday, Doris!
Photo courtesy BJ Alias, (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 )

This week began in a rather terrifying fashion for me, and no doubt you understand what such things bode for the remainder of the week. I can’t tell you how relieved I am not to have anywhere to go today, nothing terribly important to do—yesterday was stressful, too (I didn’t even eat!) and yours truly needs a break. Happily, everything seems to have been straightened out, so no worries, but feel free to send as much dark chocolate or as many old books and embroidery patterns as you’d like. 😉

Despite the rocky start, things began to take a turn for the brighter side last night, and I have some fun classic movie news to share with you. Just because I no longer do TCM Wednesday (and because we’re nearing Stanley Cup playoffs season) doesn’t mean I’m ignoring my love of classic films!

First of all, tomorrow is the great Doris Day’s ninetieth birthday, and TCM is celebrating with a full day of the affable star’s films. Hurrah! Prime time is packed with Doris’ delightful 1960s comedies, all of which are very much worth watching, and in daytime you’ll get your fill (well…almost, because can we ever get enough Doris?) of her musical comedies, including the ever-popular and entertaining Calamity Jane at 4:15PM EST and Love Me Or Leave Me (which Doris herself considers one of the finest movies she was in) at 12:15 in the afternoon. (For a brief look at her career as well as a rundown of the movies, here you go.)

Doris Day and the poodles

“Doris Day and the poodles”, courtesy joanneteh_32, ( CC-BY NC-ND 2.0 )

Now, I don’t know about you, but Doris Day has been one of my favourites since I was able to recognize the faces on the television screen—I love her sunny attitude (she has her own very American brand of good cheer, even when she’s exasperated, that I adore), her twinklingly mischievous eyes and beautiful smile, and of course her lilting voice (Doris Day records from the 40s have a place of honour in my collection). Not only that, but she had undeniable style, whether making catsup or finding herself in a police station surrounded by hippies and chicken feathers!  Continue reading