My 2014 High-Way Buy-Way Scores

Buy-Way Finds: Charming Glasses

The Buy-Way was actually two weekends ago tomorrow, but as you know, my computer has been a bit temperamental (it’s only four years old, meaning I don’t much feel like springing for a new one; we’ll see who can be more stubborn) and other projects kept me from getting these pictures of my goodies to you as soon as possible. We also had several straight days of dark, rainy skies right after the Buy-Way ended, which put a cramp in my shooting said finds.

But like any hunter, I’m proud of the prey dragged home and wish to show off my bargaining prowess—and everybody seems to enjoy looking at vintage goodies…especially as we enter the last few weekends of summer yard-sale-ing!

The glasses above are one of my favourite finds. They came in a box together with a set of four (standard wreath-and-holly) Christmas glasses for a mere $2! The pretty pink linen napkins were from another yard sale.


I’m a borderline sucker for anything with a scalloped edge.

I’d say between the glasses and the napkins, I’m perfectly set for an iced-tea party! Here, take a better look at the glasses:

Buy-Way Finds: Iced-Tea Party

Taken while standing on a wobbly old diner chair that really, really just needs new feet to even things out.

Cucumber sandwich or miniature cheesecake, dear-hearts? Perhaps we can have that iced-tea party in the garden, where some of my other finds will be tucked in amongst the flora. This adorable green rabbit, for instance:

Buy-Way Finds: Garden Bun
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It’s Summer Under The Stars Season!

barbara-stanwyck—TCMIt’s August, and classic film fans know what that means: Summer Under The Stars on TCM! 

*crowd goes bananas* 

Or perhaps it’s just me?
Regardless, August is the month during which a different single star dominates TCM’s programming each and every day. It’s a marvellous opportunity to get a grasp on various actor’s and actress’ styles and range, and more than one classic movie buff has fallen head over heels for a star they never disliked, but weren’t necessarily crazy about, during Summer Under The Stars.


As usual, TCM has a marvellous special website set up for Summer Under The Stars 2014, complete with interactive schedule, a photographic—hm, “artwork” seems too strong, but you’ll see when you head over there: for instance, here’s Joseph Cotten, a man whose work you all know I william-powelllove—biography, filmography, and portrait for each Star of the Day. I do wish we were told who did these, but no such luck (yet). Thus, as usual, the site itself is great fun to look at—TCM always does such a good job with this stuff.


Surely you’re dying of curiosity—Jen, which stars’ (partial) oeuvre are you most looking forward to immersing yourself in this month?

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Ohio’s Velvet Ice Cream Festival & Ye Olde Mill

Utica-Sertoma Velvet Ice Cream Festival: Butter Pecan

My parents were in town recently, and it happened to be the same weekend as the Utica Sertoma Velvet Ice Cream Festival. Paleo or no, my biggest downfall is rich, creamy ice cream—an affection many of you probably share with me, and you can therefore understand my happiness to go to the Festival with the family. It was a gorgeously sunny day, and I got a bit of sunburn despite my sunblock addiction, but fresh butter pecan solves a lot of hurts!

Utica-Sertoma Velvet Ice Cream Festival

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Mobile Art Gallery in Tucson

This video about a new take on wildly popular food trucks was recently posted on ArtFire’s Nosh blog:

Fabulous idea, don’t you think? It’s probably much less daunting for artists while also providing them with a very memorable form of exposure. I also suspect many people who would not visit a local gallery—either because they don’t want to or are unable to head downtown, people who don’t even think about that possibility, and those who fear being intimidated by a gallery environment—would be more than happy to pop into a mobile art gallery such as Planet Rabbit!

I’d be just peachy with this sort of gallery taking off—not only could mobile galleries park themselves in the suburbs and outer reaches of the city, they could show up at local fairs and festivals, too, affording even wider publicity for the artists chosen. What do you think?

Five-link Wednesday

It's true!

It’s true! Don’t laugh, read on!

Today seemed like a good day to share a few links with you all—just a quick spin of interesting things around the web.

First of all, you know how much I enjoy embroidery, and I’ve more patterns than I’ll probably ever be able to stitch. Even so, Mollie Johansen’s newest (free!) release, Fiesta Gato, has gone right to the top of my to-stitch list! That maraca-waving kitty is just too cute—and those tiny fish on his instruments really make the pattern, if you ask me. Continue reading

New bees!

New Hive

Not for me (bother!), but for one of Hubby’s now-former coworkers. Already an accomplished beekeeper in my book—last fall he gave us a bunch of honey, and had plenty to share with everyone else at the office—he invited us over to watch him add a new hive to his yard. It was quite an experience!

Due to some early-morning spousal miscommunication (who hasn’t been there?), the only camera I had with me was my little Powershot purse camera, but I managed to get a sparse handful of photos to share. At the top of the post you see the final result—a new hive quite literally abuzz with bees.

New Hive

The aborted frame-sharing procedure.

The whole process started fairly simply—a small crate, a queen bee and 3,000 of her workers inside. Continue reading