Links On Friday

Redbud tree pods photo copyright Jen Baker/Liberty Images; all rights reserved.  Pinning to this page is okay.

Happy Pi Day.

Today I’ve just a few links of interest to share with you. My back is recovering, thanks largely to my new chiropractor, but I must say that sitting and typing or editing photos remains a little difficult! A hint for the ladies: Don’t go lifting and walking long distances carrying a box that weighs about half as much as you do. Unwise move.

Roadtrippers has the story of Edith Macefield, the woman who refused to sell her home to a developer and as a result had a shopping mall built around her modest little place—a real-life story some say may have inspired Pixar’s tear-inducing 2009 hit “Up“. Continue reading

Sister Ford to Gay Parita’s ’48 in Pennsylvania

Old Ford work truck. Photo copyright Jen Baker/Liberty Images; all rights reserved. Pinning to this page is okay.


During our first trip along Rout 66, I photographed the impressive 1948 Ford work truck at Gary’s Turner’s Gay Parita, which stands in all of its restored glory west of Springfield, Missouri. For a work truck, it’s glam and gorgeous, and I can never resist a gleaming (or rusty, but keeping on…) vintage automobile.

You can imagine my pleased surprise to learn about a sister Ford F-100, a Herrington used as a railyard truck  one a year younger than Gary’s, for sale in Pennsylvania on eBay!  Continue reading

Happy You-Know-What!

When You Kiss Me Beneath The Sun. Photo copyright Jen Baker/Liberty Images; all rights reserved. Pinning to this page is okay.

A red car, because…you know. Also: The sunshine! We Midwesterners miss that, let me tell you!

Yes, yes, after yesterday’s post you wouldn’t think you’d see that, but I still recall all to well fighting to tamp down a scowl upon reading the OTHER thing.

Regardless, there are some fun things that have popped up I thought it would be fun to share with you today! There’s book-giving, romance, ice cream, and bold yet funny calling cards and Ben in the snow on the menu—you know you want to check it all out, don’t you? Don’t you?! Continue reading

Hand-painted signs old & new


Chillicothe, Ohio, between US 50 (Main Street) and the other main road—making this road a sort of Main Street No. 2

There’s a very good article in Collector’s Weekly about the recent resurgence of hand-painted signs. It’s bound to tickle the hearts of all sign aficionados as well as those who admire the skill involved in such work—mass production has not won out just yet! Moreover, what a wonderful field of work for those with an artistic spirit.

Virden, Illinois wall of ghost signs. Photo copyright Jen Baker/Liberty Images; all rights reserved (pinning is okay).

An EMBARRASSMENT of ghost sign riches on a single wall in Virden, Illinois! I am not sure how old the Sly Fox sign is, though it’s clearly of more recent vintage than the Wrigley’s and the millinery.

The article inspired me to post some of the best hand-painted “ghost signs” I’ve come across during my travels, including a few contemporary examples.

Fairyland: Pictures Changed Daily. Weston, WV ghost signs. Photo by Jen Baker/Liberty Images; all rights reserved (though pinning is okay).

Another richly decorated wall of ghost signs, this in Weston, WV.

The above wall is one of the most richly-painted I’ve seen. My husband and I were on our way to visit friends in Nashville, taking old US-19 so as to better enjoy the ride. Though the weather was unseasonably cold and rain was pouring down to boot (see the raindrops on the lens?), my lack of proper attire didn’t stop me from taking quite a few quick snaps in the town of Weston, West Virginia. Continue reading

Snowstorm & Two Christmas Links

A virtual one, at any rate:

Last week, “winter storm advisories” began piling up on my phone, predicting that all of Ohio would die under a full seven inches of snow. I just chuckled, suggested there’d be a couple of inches, and moved on—though I did make this collection. Sure enough: Two and a half inches of snow. Thanks for whipping folks into a panic, weather media!

I also wanted to direct you to two Christmas-related posts—one to help you if you’re still shopping for gifts and another to help you deck your halls! Continue reading

Honey, give me some sugar.

Why should the kids be the only ones enjoying treats this week? I found some sweets-inspired “treats” of all kinds on ArtFire and wanted to share them with you.


I’m glad they’re not all sugary. And yes, I had to include the Jell-o. Wouldn’t have been right to leave it out!

Around the web: Christopher Walken as tailor, 80s does 40s fashion, travelling stuffed animals and more!

Pumpkin Show

Just a quick Friday skip around the magical internet, where I’ve found some things sure to amuse you this chilly Friday.

First of all, fitting with the approach of Halloween next week (hope you have your candy ready for the little ones!) are these ads for a Danish men’s clothier featuring Christopher Walken as a rather unusual tailor. Of the three, the last is my favourite:

And every seamstress laughs, saying, “If only!” (Pressing is my least favourite part of sewing, by several miles at least.)

For my fellow design buffs are these gorgeous and carnival-coloured examples of chromatic wood type from 1874’s Specimens of Chromatic Wood Type, Borders, Etc.featured at Bibliodyssey (those following along on Pinterest have already seen a couple). Blogger Peacay has posted several of these confections for the eye, and I’m sure you’re going to enjoy looking at them.

Specimens of chromatic wood type, borders 1874 - Columbia U (Wade's Ink printer's page)

Luscious colours, aren’t they? Continue reading