But my drea—!

Right now, my hometown pizza favourite, Little Caesar’s, is airing a terrifically funny commercial.

I actually do laugh out loud every time we see this. Also…Is anyone else wondering if the practical, thoughtful, and smart Mike Rowe was the inspiration for this ad?

The Government We Deserve

Last week, I was listening to (the marvellous) Paul W. Smith broadcasting from my hometown while doing some morning work. At one point he began discussing the news that yet another Michigander, Kid Rock, was considering a run for Senate*, with (if I recall correctly) Free Press writer Kathleen Gray, and comments from still another Michigander (we’re everywhere, bwah ha ha!) political consultant Tom Shields:

…Shields said nothing surprises him about politics anymore.

…It wouldn’t matter that the rocker has a boatload of baggage, from frequent crude insults to a brief marriage to bombshell actress Pamela Anderson, to a picture he tweeted out just a few hours before his Senate tease, showing him flipping an unseen person the bird.

“Normal political baggage does not apply here. You’re not going to beat him because he dropped an F-bomb somewhere,” Shields said. “Traditional political rules don’t apply.”

Paul W. suggested the possibility—and he may not be far off the mark—that we may be entering an era in which only celebrities run for office, because normal people aren’t especially keen on having our lives aired out on every source of media 24/7. Continue reading

Writers Write.

Ohio Beauty

It’s an old saying, and a true one. The unspoken second part of this, though, may well be that a writer who isn’t writing is a writer beginning to go a bit antsy. That has been yours truly for a couple of years, after the whirlwind sale of our house (in 24 hours, with several offers) and moving (within 30 days) while looking for a new home (nope) ended up with our living in a windowless (almost entirely not kidding) apartment “for only about six or eight months, until we find something”…Six months that turned into two years. The best-laid plans…! We ended up buying acreage and building a carriage house, which we settled into by mid-May. But you can imagine that so much upheaval isn’t really conducive to writing (particularly the no windows bit, and again, that’s not completely hyperbole. What are architects about these days, anyhow? Certainly not human beings).

Our spring has been most eventful. The most eventful thing is something I’m simply not sure I’m ready to write about here—though if you know me, you know that I’ll probably decide I’m ready next week. (Women, right?) But even before we moved and everything else that has happened, I found myself thinking it was time to write again, that it’s something I, personally, simply need to do. After all, I’ve been wordsmithing since childhood. My husband agrees this will probably be a good thing for me to do, too.

So here we are! But some notes first.  Continue reading

Preparing to weigh anchor…

The Winged Lady

The Winged Lady

Well, the time is finally near—a week from tomorrow (Friday), we are putting our current house on the market! Despite my natural Felix Unger-like tendencies, that has meant a lot of throwing stuff out, a lot of packing, a little decluttering (mostly de-personalizing, really, as I’m violently allergic to clutter), and some extra-deep cleaning (happily, due to my previously noted proclivities, this is not actually difficult in any way; being mildly obsessive-compulsive has its benefits!).

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Memorial Day, 2015

For Which They Fell

I’ve been too busy actually working to blog, but Memorial Day is one thing I cannot in good conscience  neglect.

Normally, I try to go out and get something extra-special for Memorial Day, in an effort to remind us of those men and women who have fallen in defense of our nation, in what Lincoln so aptly described as “the last full measure of devotion” to America and all she stands for.

Unfortunately, weather and other things have not cooperated this year (and I did not bring my camera to our church’s Memorial Day commemoration this morning)—a privilege I can claim as a photographer, something the men and women who have served and even died under this flag can never claim. Forget the post office; it’s America’s men and women in uniform who serve no matter how they feel, no matter what else is happening in their lives, under any condition, including conditions so horrendous you and I could not manage to think well, much less perform well. Yet they serve, they perform, and often in fashion beyond exemplary—some dying while doing so, many dying while protecting their brothers and even sisters in arms in the process.

It is these brilliantly brave men and women we in America honour today, those who have given their lives in service of our nation. Continue reading

Just more classic cars…

Take your "Blue Monday"...

I’m still around, just busy with various things, mostly my car photography work. Due to their reflective nature, classic cars take a lot longer to work on than photos of other things; even if I’m able to position myself to get the shot without my own reflection, distracting (and sometimes distressing…) reflections of other people and things are often absolutely unavoidable.

Gold In The Shadow

Also often necessary is the removal of specks and splotches of dirt, random smudges, and dead bugs from what should be a smooth surface. The Surface Blur feature can sometimes help here, but usually only the smallest specks are whisked away; manual correction of larger blemishes is, though time-consuming and a little tedious, the best way to rid a car of it. Spending an hour or more simply removing such things from the side or back end of a classic car is not at all uncommon!

I don't recall! Continue reading