Oh, to stumble over (or better yet, be invited to) a stable of old cars in this state!

The video is a glimpse at sixty untouched old cars, having long been stored away in the West of France. Come February 6, they’ll be auctioned off at the Retromobile Salon in Paris. I love photographing classic cars, period, but cars such as these in an environment such as this…oh, what a dream! Yours truly could probably spend two full days shooting these cars (who couldn’t?), lovingly capturing every detail.

Wink and a smile to the wonderful fellows at The Old Motor—who also have some knockout stills of these old beauties (from Remi Dargegen) for you to ogle.

Monday Escape: Reflection

Pond Tree: West

Last week, I told a lie. More autumn.

Pond Tree: East

Besides, contrary to popular belief and media propaganda, winter does not look like a snow-covered fairytale in the Midwest. Many of my Southern and Western friends seem to think winter looks like this, 24-7:

A truly charming, enchanted winter wonderland!


Really, despite the discomfort and danger snow involves…if only (because snow, truly, is pretty, at least away from the roads)! The truth must be explained. Turn away if you prefer to cling to your illusions about winter, my dear.

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Monday Escape: Not giving up on autumn just yet

Autumn In Ohio

Surely your correspondent is hardly alone in being distressed by the way autumn and Thanksgiving are trampled in the Christmas creep/rush. Fall is the favourite season of many, yet it seems we’re expected to ignore it in the name of Christmas busy-ness.

Isn’t that a shame? And I’m a summer woman, through and through!


I know today is December first, and thus really and truly the start of winter, but let’s take a few final moments to enjoy autumn: the rich fragrances, the sight of falling leaves and the delightful crunch of them underfoot, copious amounts of sunshine combined with an awakening nip in the air, the last glorious riot of colour meant to tide us through the dark, grey stretch of winter now shouldering its way in. Shall we?


Bewilderment Wednesday

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!

(Lucy, our diva, was not available…then again, she did not gorge herself, either.)

Though this is late, with it I send all of my prayers and hopes that you and yours have a wonderful, calm Thanksgiving (and if you’re not in the States, I’m still wishing you a marvellous weekend and all of the joy being thankful gives us!).

Since my running-about-like-a-beheaded-chicken is over with, it seemed like a nice time to share some of the lovely vintage Thanksgiving postcards I’ve run across lately. They’re not only charming, but have such a wonderful personal warmth to them. (Unless you don’t like the idea of turkeys in peril.)

Vintage Thanksgiving Day Postcard

Courtesy Dave, CC BY-ND 2.0

Why did we ever stop sending Thanksgiving cards, anyhow?

Vintage Thanksgiving Postcard

Courtesy Dave, CC BY-ND 2.0

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