Century Mark, Plus Happy Garden Stuff

Hey, last week I finally managed to put 100 items in the shop! Considering all we’ve been through and all that has gone on over the past several months, it was a big deal to me, anyhow.

Not one to ignore milestones, I made sure it was a favourite:

Packard 900-Series Light Eight Coupe Roadster

This handsome (almost remarkably so, considering the car is unrestored) ’32 Packard remains one of the most memorable automobiles I’ve ever photographed. She was a lucky find at the end of a very long day!

One of my other loves being gardening, this morning I was overjoyed to find the first zinnia of the season blooming away. Hurrah! (Alas, the lens on my phone was apparently quite smudged, but life goes on. You get the idea, and I was/am so happy.)

Carousel Zinnia

Since we moved in so late in the year, we got the garden going even later (mid-June); with lots of unused space therein due to this fact, I decided to fill said space with flowers. More of them, anyhow—I always plant nasturtium, marigold, and sweet alyssum in my veggie beds, both for beauty and to attract pollinators, to say nothing of repelling bugs that would eat our food.

This is a Carousel Zinnia; I’d planted some Profusion seeds as well, but the seedlings were washed away but the major rainfall we had last month (five inches in one day). By that point, re-planting seeds would have been pointless, so…next year.

But the Carousels are coming in beautifully (there’s a big bud on the zinnia behind this one that should bloom by the end of the week), so who is complaining? Not this gal. For those interested, I’ve gotten great germination with my Pinetree seeds this year…otherwise, I wouldn’t have linked to them.

How’s your garden? It’s not too late to plant, by the way—not even planting from seed! Greens, carrots, peas, beets, green beans, radishes, and even some marigolds (to say nothing of herbs!) can still go into the ground in much of the Midwest; regions with more warm weather can probably get away with even more goodies. I’ve dug up (ha, ha) a few good articles to help you out.


Ben & I hope your August is off to a fine start.



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