Just more classic cars…

Take your "Blue Monday"...

I’m still around, just busy with various things, mostly my car photography work. Due to their reflective nature, classic cars take a lot longer to work on than photos of other things; even if I’m able to position myself to get the shot without my own reflection, distracting (and sometimes distressing…) reflections of other people and things are often absolutely unavoidable.

Gold In The Shadow

Also often necessary is the removal of specks and splotches of dirt, random smudges, and dead bugs from what should be a smooth surface. The Surface Blur feature can sometimes help here, but usually only the smallest specks are whisked away; manual correction of larger blemishes is, though time-consuming and a little tedious, the best way to rid a car of it. Spending an hour or more simply removing such things from the side or back end of a classic car is not at all uncommon!

I don't recall!

Take your "Blue Monday"...

Above is the same beautiful ’57 Fairlane that started off this post. The Fairlane is actually one of my favourite cars—and the American people agreed at the time. Fairlanes outsold Chevy’s Bel Airs quite handily, a fact that tends to surprise folks.

Fire 'Er Up

But throwing in a Chevy or two doesn’t hurt, right? I’ve actually two versions of this 327 shot:

Take Two


Subtle, but obvious, though I’m still not sure which I like better. That seems to depend upon the weather—if it’s sunny out, the cooler version is more appealing, but on a drizzly grey day such as today, the warmer version draws my eye.

Back to work!


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