Monday Escape: How about some snow?

First Snow

As mentioned recently, the weather here in Ohio has been quite grim despite the rapid approach of Christmas. Until yesterday, when the sunlight burst through in all of its long-desired glory, we’d had only two really sunny days since a couple of days after Thanksgiving! If you don’t believe me, here’s a satellite look from the NWS:

You remember the warm, colourful cheer of my summer garden?

Pollinator Garden

Ahhh. Well, here it is late Friday morning, being inspected by Ben.

Sunless Days

(Yes, yes, the trellis needs to be placed inside the shed, I know…)


Dark. Isn’t it *dark*? In the middle of the day! The weather has been grim, my friends, grim—enough to begin dampening the spirits of even the most cheerful, despite the holiday season being in full swing! You’ve no idea how thrilled I was to detect sunlight peeking through the blinds at last upon waking yesterday morning. I was ready to celebrate sunshine for sunshine’s sake alone!

Really, much as I tend to dislike snow (mostly because of the road hazard it turns into), I’ve been wishing it would snow, and not merely because of the longing for a white Christmas. As you can see, things are pretty grey and dull during the winter in many parts of the country, but snow not only covers all of that, it reflects what little light there tends to be! And there is truly something magical about the stuff.

Alas—despite everyone (like fellow vintage- and dog-loving pal Dahlila) seeming to think we are prettily nestled beneath a blanket of snow right now, we’ve had just a tiny flurry since Thanksgiving:

Sunless Days

Also Friday morning. (And yes, everything’s better with Ben, though he does indeed need a grooming.)

So I thought today would be a good one on which to share some snow-filled photos with you. If we cannot have a white Christmas in real life, why not have one on the internet? Let us don our warmest coats and earmuffs, pull on our boots and gloves, and head out into a winter wonderland! There’s hot cocoa waiting at the other end, you know…

Another Snowy Morning

Just In Time

Willo-Acres Motel




Digging Out

Taken the morning after the blizzard of 2010.

Snow Procedure

Winter's Trail

Furry Snow

Scamper: Dawes Arboretum in Winter

And as I *did* promise hot cocoa…

Hot Cocoa\

(I didn’t say it was ready!)



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