Monday Escape: Hot Cuppa Whatever You Please

Tea, I

It’s a gloomy, very windy (twigs and small branches are actually slamming into the back of the house windy), thunderstorm-y Monday here in central Ohio. My car is in the shop getting recall work done (she has over 114,000 well-handled miles on her and has been a very good car, so I was not too keen on giving GM the opportunity to screw something up; I’m crossing my fingers), both my husband and I had minor back-and-neck-messing-up incidents over the weekend, and…well. I just want a hot cup of tea!

Of course, if you are not a tea person, I’ve got you covered, too. Hospitality is important, and making sure everyone is happy is important!

Friday Cappuccino

Also, just a note for those interested in going paleo/primal or who are there already: There’s a big sale on Kindle versions of the books tomorrow only, with 13 books on sale for a mere 99 cents each. Both informational and cookbooks are being offered. Kindle-based cookbooks are not my favourite, especially since I actually only have the app on my phone, but they would surely come in handy at the supermarket! I’m not an affiliate, but did want to let you know about the opportunity. Remember, it’s only valid Tuesday, November 25, so as my grandfather would say, get while the getting’s good.

Have a wonderful day!


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