Friday Fairlane Taillight Indecision

Rocket, B&W

Rocket, B&W

Just a quick post today, since there’s much going on today (as always this time of year, with the harvest coming in). I’m sharing with you an example of something that happens to me often—I finish a photo two different ways, often quite different, and can’t decide which I like better! 

No doubt other photographers find themselves in much the same boat on a regular basis. I put them both up for a survey at Flickr, where everyone seemed to like the colour version best! Even so, the black & white is my favourite. I find the colours a bit distracting from what is my favourite aspect of classic cars, the marvellous design. Had there not been a half-dead field in multiple colours behind (well, in front of) this Fairlane, the colour would be fine to my eyes.

Rocket, Colour

Rocket, Colour

Of course, that’s what photography is about—the vision of the person behind the lens. Sometimes it doesn’t require a lot of anything (as in the colour image, where I removed not only as much of myself as possible from the chrome, but a sign on the fence in the distance) or a little more work, like the black & white image, we want to share what we see in our mind’s eye. Often even the technical excellence most photographers seek to achieve doesn’t quite get them to that imagined final work, so additional spiffing up—be it in a darkroom or on a computer—is necessary. What is fun is knowing that if I shared this file with a bunch of other photographers and told them to go to town, we’d get pretty much as many final versions! I know this encourages me to think outside my normal parameters, and probably does the same for other photographers, too.

Well. You all have a great weekend. I’m going to be running like mad (again—this is the third or fourth nonstop weekend in a row) while hoping for an opportunity to take after Lucy:

Lucy and the Nap

Lucy and the Nap




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