Monday Escape: Garden Play

Echinacea: Topaz Simplify

Garden play for me, anyhow. We toured several private Columbus-area gardens this weekend as part of a charity garden tour, and I eventually clocked in at around 500 shots, most of which, of course, will never see the light of day. This, however, is one of the final ones I took, near the end of a 92-degree, 84%-humidity day. At least no one’s eyes were dry!

Echinacea: Original

The original photograph

As you can see, there are three takes of the photo: The original and two I created with the help of Topaz Simplify (this is NOT a sponsored post, it’s actual real-life chatter from yours truly), which is a whole lot of fun to play with, but not necessarily my style most of the time (though I wanted to be a painter, I am not—I’m a photographer!). But life does funny things to us. After spending the entire day shooting in rather tiring heat, I sat down to absorb old paintings—Romantic, Impressionistic, Hudson River School, Classicist, and so on and so on. Upon pulling up this photo to share it with you today, it looked…wrong. Very wrong. Please don’t tell me that what we consume has no effect upon our minds. It seems looking at so many beautiful old paintings has affected my brain!

Echinacea: Topaz Simplify


The original, while all right (a bit overblown, really), doesn’t appeal to me as much as the top and bottom photos, which are clearly more painterly, thanks to technology. Neither of the Simplify versions are at 100% opacity, because one of the reasons it’s not my favourite tool is that I like detail, and a lot of it, in my work. But, again…having absorbed so many old paintings, especially the Impressionist and Romantic works, over the weekend…this is what looks right to me for this particular image today. How funny, though unsurprisingly so!

What do you think? Which do you like best? There are a bunch of options, but as you can see, I still went for something that’s realistic. Maybe I should throw some of the really wild ones up here for you all to ogle!


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