Miami (Oklahoma’s) Coleman Theatre Beautiful and its Spectacular Restoration

The Coleman

Monday, Ron over at the indispensable Route 66 News posted a delightful (for preservationist types and lovers of architecture alike) mini-documentary about the incredible restoration of Miami’s Coleman Theatre Beautiful. I could post it here, too, The Colemanof course, but he found it first and you might as well pop on over there to enjoy it yourself.

It was a rather miserably drizzly day during our visit, but I was able to get some photos of the stunning interior. As the first commenter on Ron’s blog post notes, it’s a shame if you only take in the Theatre’s exterior without going inside! I must tell you that it’s so grand as to be nearly overwhelming, making its restoration all the more impressive and laudable; this is the sort of gem that shan’t ever be built again (much to our nation’s detriment). The Coleman is absolutely stunning and borderline magnificent…right in friendly Oklahoma! Once you watch the video, you’ll understand why, aside from its history, the Coleman Theatre Beautiful was saved (and why that rather unusual name is not at all overblown).


Always Here

This backdrop was used on The Coleman’s opening night in 1929, and was found rolled up with many others. Most were terribly water damaged—but this, the original, survived, and hangs proudly over the stage today!

Free tours are offered daily, and we ourselves benefited from an impromptu one (these are often best, in my view, because your host is often very happy to spend all the time you like wandering about and talking about the theatre). The Coleman Theatre Beautiful is an exquisite example of a true movie palace, and it’s one everyone can still enjoy.

Speaking for myself, I can’t wait to return some day! Now, you pop on over to Route 66 News for the brief documentary and as much of the Theatre as your eyes can take.


The upstairs lounge, which overlooks the stair and sure-to-be-glamourous theatre bustle below.


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