Monday Escape: Something Cool On A Steamy Day

Pinning to this page is okay. "Blue Monday" copyright Jen Baker/Liberty Images. All rights reserved.

Happy Monday! A week spent off just dealing with administrative things was quite well-spent (granted, I’m an organization geek), but returning to my routine is quite soothing.

In addition to my cleaning things up on the hard drive and so forth, we also drove up to Detroit to visit my family, including my grandfather, who had major surgery recently, so of course I wished to check up on him. As everyone knows, the inability to be there for family is the worst part of living far away. He seems to be doing quite well, though, and we had a good time visiting, especially hearing my grandparents’ stories about their trips to Europe years ago. The travel bug really does run in my family!

Pinning to this page. "Blue Monday" copyright Jen Baker/Liberty Images; all rights reserved.

I hope your time was spent well, too.

Finally, a note about the summer posting schedule. It is summer, after all, and that’s a fleeting season indeed for those of us living in the Midwest. Humidity and heat or no, it’s also my favourite season, and I much regret missing it in the past because I’m a bit of a workaholic.

Not only that, but summer brings with it many more tasks needing to be attended to, particularly as the harvest begins to roll in! Despite my regularly getting up at 5 and 6 in the morning, there is often literally not enough time in the day to get all of my household work done (of course, my health is often the cause of this, as my illness slows me down a bit), and this has been known to leave me a bit agitated, because providing my family with a serene living environment is very important to me.



So, I’ll still be posting, but quite likely in a more sporadic fashion. Wasting all of the sunlight and warm days seems so foolish and sad to me, especially since winter’s bitter cold tends to leave me stuck indoors. Just consider yourselves warned.

Of course, now that I’ve said all that, I’ll have 426 irresistible things bring themselves to my attention and I’ll be posting constantly. Isn’t that how it works?!

Have a beautiful Monday!


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