New Roadtrip Resource Page

Though by rights it has been live for a few weeks, I wished to formally point you to a new page here at Victory Rolls & V8s—a roadtripping resource page! 2014-06-27 15-18-11Of course—and this will be no surprise—the page is focused upon trips I have already taken, because naturally it feels best to recommend places I’ve visited and enjoyed (I suspect few among us are truly fond of pointing those who trust our opinion to bad products or places!). They’re all in the States, as it has been too long since I’ve done any journeying through Canada.

There’s a big section on Route 66 that features a “general”, route-wide collection as well as a few links specific to each state, including the state Route 66 association if I could find it. Though I probably could include Every Single Wonderful Place…I didn’t. The Mother Road is jam-packed with them! Not only that, part of the fun of a road trip is finding things ourselves, but a gal’s fingers can only rattle across the keyboard for so long each day!

Since we’ve not made it too far beyond Tucumcari, New Mexico, you will not yet find any recommendations past that point because I just can’t recommend a thing save the road itself, dear hearts. 😉

CM Capture 2You’ll also find a handful of my very favourite road trip-specific sites (like Retro Roadmap and Roadtrippers) as well as links for both the Lincoln Highway and the National Road. As time goes on, I’m likely to continue adding.

Of course, it’s all prettified with my own roadside Americana photography. A better way to lure you onto the open road for yourself, I can hardly think of!

It’s my hope that this page not only encourages you to take a trip or ten for yourself, but the page allows me to share the joys I’ve found during my own journeys. Life is far too short to not do what we can to make others’ way a bit easier and without sharing the things that have made us happy, and this special road trip page is really just an itty-bitty way for me to do that for you.

To get to the page, just look along the navigation bar beneath the Victory Rolls & V8s banner—it’s the last item on the menu.

Do take a peek when you are able and tell me what you think!


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