Flaky Friday


It has turned into one of those days and I simply won’t have time to finish the post I’d started for today—but as a voracious reader (online and off, but I doubt any of you actually want to drive over to check out my home’s physical library), I do at least have a few things to share with you!

It was great fun living vicariously through Mod Betty’s trip to Del Buono’s Bakery in New Jersey. Though gluten is off-limits to me, fabulous roadside kitsch never is! I love stuff like that—it always makes me smile (and if you can’t smile on a road trip, for goodness’ sake, you’re missing out on one of the major points).

Head to the beach with your pooch—Roadtrippers has a list of American dog-friendly beaches and a link to help you search for more. Ben, being a collie, is more of a river dog (Scottish and all), but I think a trip to the beach with him would be a lot of fun. Washing sand out of all that hair afterwards, of course…Well. Such are the joys of collie ownership!

Nothing Like A Giant Chicken

In Chillicothe, Ohio—with my little handmade octopus roadtrip mascot, Stevie Y.

Want some eye candy (aside from my handsome Benedict)? These fantasy illustrations of the architecture beneath famous buildings is sure to keep you fascinated and occupied for a little while. Done for a Russian architecture museum, they show me that not everyone has lost their imagination just yet—we are even given multiple fictions for each building. Quite intriguing!

And if you don’t mind my tooting my own li’l horn again, do check out ArtFire featuring me in their Seller Spotlight if you’ve not done so already! Have a fine weekend.


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