Continuing the climb toward stardom!

CM Capture 2

Not stardom, ever, surely, but even so, I can’t tell you all just how tickled I am to be one of ArtFire’s most recent featured sellers in the artist spotlight! The article went up last week, but I’m also the gal who let her best friend chatter on for roughly an hour before announcing that (now-)Hubby had proposed. (For the record? My friend wanted to strangle me.) So I’m sending all of you over to it today!

The folks at ArtFire picked a few really good photos of mine to include, and better than that (to me) is that being featured gave me the opportunity to sit down and think again about why it is I do what I do, and clarify my own perspective and how that affects my work. It’s important for all of us to do this on a regular basis, especially when we consider that intentionally or no, our worldview often comes through in our work, especially if it is in a visual field like painting or photography.

Please hop over to Nosh and take a look, and do share away if you are so inclined.


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