Anyone else afraid to face the remainder of the week?

ChevyI’ll be honest with you, it has been non-stop wild here. We had a car that wouldn’t start (turned out to be the starter, which is happily no big deal in the grand scheme of Car Trouble Possibilities), I somehow stumbled into poison ivy, we had plumbers here yesterday to fix the outside pipe that broke during one of this winter’s deep freezes, and there are tree fellas here today taking down the three enormous ash trees we’ve been trying to save (our arborist having told us it is hopeless at this point), which means non-stop chainsawing and tree grinding—which is kind of cool, in a way, because these fellas are climbing up our gigantic old ash trees with spikes and chainsaws—but I suspect my head won’t stop buzzing for several hours!

Thus there has been much busy-ness, but a little sadness, too: Yesterday morning, Hubby brought home a sweet, tiny cat that has been hanging around his office parking lot. We placed her safely in the garage with water and food that she was very excited to gobble up, and took her to the vet in the evening once we had both cars back.

The Lodger

The little gal—I’d been calling her Parking Lot Kitty every time I popped into the garage to feed her—checked out just fine at first…But then she tested positive for FIV. Considering both that and her semi-feral state, which would make introducing her to household life (to say nothing of Ben, Buckley the bruiser, and Lucy) would be a major undertaking, our veterinarian sadly recommended she be put down, so…we did what was right by the little thing. She was only “ours” for a day, though we’d have been happy to give her a home if one of our trusted friends didn’t want to, but it was sad even so.


Thus you can no doubt understand my lack of posting mojo today. On the plus side, we do now get to pick out a new tree for the backyard, my doctor gave me something to relieve the poison ivy, and since the line at the coffee shop on my way home from the doctor this morning was so long, my much-needed java treat was free. It has been raining pleasantly all afternoon; some folks would find that depressing, but as a gardener, I was happy to see it and it kind of gives me an excuse to curl up (hide?) with a book (still working on From Dawn To Decadence—hey, it is 800 pages long, and I am a busy gal!).

Still, today is only Wednesday. I’m a little afraid to see what the remainder of the week brings while still looking forward to Saturday’s Belmont (though really, my real hope is that things look up from Hump Day). You all stay safe out there!

Mmm, the taste of spring

If Ben is happy, shouldn’t we all be happy?



2 thoughts on “Anyone else afraid to face the remainder of the week?

  1. I’m sorry to hear about your little foundling feline. We recently had to “do the right thing” by an outdoor kitty of ours who managed to find her way into something toxic. She, too, was semi-feral. Pretty much the sum total of our relationship was our putting out food for her and her coming round to eat it when she was so inclined. AJ found her beside the house, front legs paralyzed. She didn’t seem to be in pain, and when we took her to the vet, the vet determined she got into something poisonous and the best thing to do would be euthanasia. We buried her out back that evening.

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