Monday Escape: King Tut’s Eats in Beckley

King Tut


Back to normal after Hubby’s (and thus by default, my own) week off. We had a wonderful time just running around town, and now it is time to return to a more normal, productive schedule. Of course, as fate would have it, I seem to have picked up a cold during our adventures—well, that or this year’s bumper crop of dandelions, to which I am violently allergic, is hitting me full force, but aren’t colds what tea is for? (Tea is for everything, I know.)

Regardless, I am back and happy (okay, I’m nearly always happy!), and thought this morning that I’d just share with you all whatever photo had the most recent comment from someone at Flickr. The above shot of the King Tut Drive-In of Beckley, West Virginia was our winner, but why not share all of my photos of the place?

Meatloaf Never Looked So Good

We drove through the town on a trip to Nashville via US19 several years ago, and I am happy to tip you off to the fact that Beckley is not only charming, but a gold mine of terrific signage like the drive-in’s. Our journey through the town happened to be the one night of the week King Tut’s is closed, but no doubt someday we’ll be back to sample the food, which is apparently fantastic.



Have a great Monday!


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