Monday Escape: Glamour Girl

1958 De Soto Firedome

They all are, really—glamour girls, that is—don’t you agree? Here’s a last look at that gorgeous De Soto Firedome I’ve been piecing out to you. And yes, I lucked out with that last bit of sunlight dipping behind the building! Have a great Monday, dear hearts!


One thought on “Monday Escape: Glamour Girl

  1. Most definitely! I’ve thought that before, too. One can look at certain classic cars and all but envision their physic and personality alike, if they were in fact women (or men) and not autos. In fact, on the rare occasions, when we see a pink 1950s car (there are a couple locally that I know of), Tony will sometimes refer to them as “vintage Jessmobiles”, which I find wonderfully flattering (as that is sooo the car I’d be if I was turned into a vehicle).

    ♥ Jessica

    *PS* Thank you very much for sharing so much about family history with me in your wonderful comment on yesterday’s Hawaiian honeymoon post. My paternal grandparents also took multiple trips to Hawaii (before I was born), which I heard about often as a youngster, and I think that, just as you said, their experiences there surely must contributed to my own desires to set foot on warm Hawaiian sand one day myself, too.

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