A Meandering Quick Hits Friday

1948 Crosley

A 1948 Crosley. For more about (and more photos of) Crosley automobiles, check this site out!

This week rather got away from me for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is that it was Hubby’s last week at his job—he starts a new one now! We’re excited about this new opportunity, and of course I am super-proud of him, as he was aggressively poached from his (now former) employer to work for the new one. There was a bit of a battle between the two companies, but the new kids won.

At any rate, he has next week off (plus Tuesday is our wedding anniversary, so I will not be ‘here’. We will just be hanging around town, perhaps visiting the art museum, but since my husband has been so busy with this huge project at the office, he has actually only had a few days off—not even on weekends—since New Year’s. Believe me, he has earned it (and there is absolutely no “Honey Do” list waiting for him).

In other news, if you have a jumble of condiments and other things in your fridge, don’t you get tired of having to wait ten minutes for that last bit of whatever to reach the nozzle? Well, everyone’s favourite kitchen fella has a solution.

Fact: I do not often crush on celebrities (well, ever…), but cleverness and ingenuity get you a LONG way with this gal.

(For what it is worth, I turn the top part of old egg cartons into drawer organizers to corral all of the little multi-tasking kitchen tools that otherwise slide around and make a mess. Cheap and effective! I suspect my grandparents would be proud of my thrift.)

In the “cool links” department, I’ve no doubt you’ll all be enchanted by these two brief videos of the Osmia bicolor bee—who lays her egg inside an abandoned snail’s shell! Don’t we live in an amazing world?

Photographer Joseph de Lange has been photographing the town of Duncan. It is a simple but, to my (preservation-inclined) mind, important project: He simply takes undadorned shots of Duncan’s buildings. As he notes, many cities around the world have such photographs in their archives, and they tell us so much about our past. There’s more here, here,  and of course here, a set dedicated to the photos.

They took our name and trampled it in the dust...!

Our old neighborhood (and pharmacy—they’d even deliver!) during the movie shoot. Oh, how dearly I miss it! Also: Glad my car was clean this day. 🙂

I have to be honest—I really, really wish I’d done this in our old town in West Virginia, not just for historical purposes, but because I loved the people and the town so and dearly miss it. Of course, we thought we’d be there for years and years, resulting in my putting such photos off until it was very much too late; I only took photos of town when a movie was shot there. Don’t do that!

Remember that ’57 Belvedere pulled from a concrete vault in Tulsa? That vault flooded without anyone’s knowing. So what happened to Miss Belvedere?

Women are made to be loved, not understood.

Finally, but absolutely not least in importance (save the best for last, right?), I must wish a very happy 5th anniversary to one of my favourite blogs and favourite fellow vintage gals, Jessica at the always-delightful Chronically Vintage. Her content is unfailingly interesting, but it is Jessica I have to say I really like so much. Her voice is just perfect and as I told her on Twitter, she’s just filled with joy despite so many of the less-than-lovely things in our world. Jessica contends with chronic illness, too, but with genuine good cheer—something else we have in common aside from our mutual loves for photography, all things vintage, and great hats (which deserve their own mention)!

As Rocky said, “It ain’t about how hard you hit, it’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward. How much you can take and keep moving forward.” Well, here, watch for yourself. It’s probably even better in context:

(Boxing is hardly my favourite sport, but I do love Rocky, and 2006’s Rocky Balboa is quite possibly one of the best films of the past 15 or 20 years.)

Methinks the world would be served very well if we all had this sort of honest, facts-facing but optimistic attitude, and Jessica is one of the people who exemplifies it—just with a lot more glamour than Mr. Balboa (sorry, Rock). Thank you for being such a bright and truly beautiful spot in the often wild-and-wooly world of the internet, Jessica! If you need a safe haven, if you need good cheer or just fun and frolic, Chronically Vintage is the place to be!

That is all for tonight. Not bad for a “quick hits” while watching an extremely intense playoff hockey game, is it? Y’all have a beautiful Easter weekend and I’ll be back soon—but if you need to contact me, don’t hesitate to drop me a line!

Happy Easter

One thought on “A Meandering Quick Hits Friday

  1. He is so clever! Love the raised eyebrow when he’s formulating his fix for the stubborn mustard bottle.

    Congrats on Hubby’s new job — that is wonderful!

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