Monday Escape: Give me some fin

1958 De Soto Firedome

One of the most famed and truly iconic aspects of American cars from the 1950s is the tail fin, a design aspect attributed to the designers’ having returned from war with new, aircraft- and rocket-inspired visions in their minds as well as the nation’s optimism and our preparing to reach the moon (and beyond, it was hoped at the time).

1958 De Soto Firedome
By the late 1950s (this is the ’58 De Soto Firedome I shared a glimpse of a couple of weeks ago), fins had reached almost indescribable proportion, particularly on GM’s Cadillac, Chevy’s Bel Air, and, horizontally speaking, Chevy’s ’58 and ’59 Impala (giving birth to the urban legend that if enough air got caught under a speeding Impala’s tail end the rear would actually go airborne).Truth be told, though, from Plymouth (which De Soto was part of) to automobile royalty like Caddy and Packard, everybody got into the monster tail fin act.

1958 De Soto Firedome

I, for one, am so glad they did.  Aren’t you?

1958 De Soto Firedome


3 thoughts on “Monday Escape: Give me some fin

  1. Majorly!!! I’m such a sucker for a fabulous, creative, bold tail fin (or really, any element of a classic car). It’s a sincere shame at least a few modern cars don’t still feature these awesome elements.

    Wishing you a beautiful Wednesday,
    ♥ Jessica

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